Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe Launches on Amazon UK

Back Applicator Deluxe, Thermalabs latest product, has launched on Amazon UK.

Thermalabs latest product launch, the Back Applicator Deluxe, is now available on This is according to a communique issued out by the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard. Initially, the new product was only available through, meaning it was inaccessible to buyers outside the U.S. In the coming weeks, the company has also promised to make this premium product available in the German, French, Canadian divisions of Amazon. It is essential to do so, especially considered that Thermalabs customers are geographically global.

Thermalabs is a New York-based cosmetics firm that’s best known for its work in the self-tanning niche. Ever since it was founded nearly three years ago, Thermalabs has contributed at least 14 new products to the cosmetics space. Most of these are popular sunless tanning lotions such as the Original Self Tanner. The Original Self Tanner was the company’s launch product. It featured a cocktail of premium ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Japanese Green Tea. Right from the start, the product delivered a sexy tan barely four hours after application. This made it wildly popular to tanning buffs, who shared it virally. The product attracted the media attention that has helped make Thermalabs the successful company it is today.

Despite being headquartered in the U.S. Thermalabs also operates various production locations across the globe, with the main one being in Israel. These are mainly dedicated research and production sites where most of the company’s high-flying formulations are invented. Thermalabs is committed to a skin cancer-free world and donates a tenth of its annual profits to charity. Most of these donations go to skincare nonprofits and educational missions that are working hard to find a cure for cancer.

The Back Applicator Deluxe was designed to help people apply lotions and other beauty products in hard to reach areas, such as the back. The product comes with four extra sponges and a beautiful velvet pouch for easy carrying during travel. It helps users access any part of their bodies. Apparently, Thermalabs was responding to a gaping gap in the market when they decided to make this product. Most of the back applicators available on the market either have associated storage problems or do not provide enough coverage for convenient use.

Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Alex Howard, said, “We are glad to announce that our latest product, the Back Applicator Deluxe, is now available to our users in the UK. We launched this product in sometimes ago but received numerous calls to make it global, like most of our other cosmetics aids. Already, our back applicator deluxe is performing quite well in the main Amazon portal. It has garnered consistent top ratings from users who have bought and used it. This gives us great excitement as a company. In the coming weeks, we’ll make this product available in other countries such as Germany, Canada, France and many more. Thank you for keeping it Thermalabs.”

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