Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe Hits 100 Average 5-Star Reviews

Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe appears to be performing well in the market.

Thermalabs Back Applicator has attained an average 5-star rating from 100 reviewers on global e-tailing marketplace The Back Applicator Deluxe is a cosmetic accessory that was introduced earlier this year. The product helps people apply lotion and other beauty products on the back, and other hard to reach areas.

Thermalabs is a leading innovator in the cosmetics industry. The company opened its doors nearly three years ago but has so far managed to establish a foothold in the rather competitive space. Thermalabs started out with a unique self-tanning lotion known as the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. This was premium tanning aid that was created from original and natural ingredients. The product delivered the desired results barely 4 hours after being applied on the skin. Following a brilliant marketing strategy by the company, Thermalabs pilot launch became a major hit, selling thousands of units within its first week in the market. The product set the stage for the company’s consequent success and helped it attract the industry attention and media coverage any startup would need to break the glass ceiling.

Thermalabs has today supplied the global beauty space with nearly 30 products. The majority of these are tanners, and tanning accessories such as the Ultimitt applicator mitt. In recent times, Thermalabs has also introduced diverse new products as part of its overall diversification plan. The company has ventured into the beach-related industry, launching a beach tent, beach T-Shirts, and various other products. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would be starting operations in the healthcare niche, creating new organic health products based on ancient wisdom acquired from the Rambam.

The Back Applicator Deluxe makes it super easy for beauty enthusiasts to apply lotion and other products alone, without needing help from anyone else. The product is designed in such a way that it ensures even application, with no spots. Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe is an ergonomically designed accessory, with a firm handle. It is easily foldable in half and ships with a replaceable firm sponge that absorbs little amounts of the product. Users also get a free velvet carry bag for travel purposes. These are just some of the many benefits that have probably played a major role towards making this product a top performer on

Gillian, an Amazon user who reviewed this product, said, “Yes finally! I have been struggling to get to my back for ages whenever I tan. Bending my arms every way has been the worst and it always ends up patchy. This applicator is a godsend. It is a great material and does not soak up a ton of product, as well as giving a very even application every time. My friends/family are stoked on it too because now I never have to ask for their help getting to my back again! I am still on the first sponge with 4 extra to spare. My tanning mitt tore recently, so I have used this to blend on other parts of my body and it is seriously awesome. I have self-tanned for over 5 years and this is my best purchase. Seriously. Get this. :)”

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