Thermalabs Announces Natural Bamboo Fiber Scrub Exfoliator

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has just announced a brand new exfoliating product that is expected to hit the global marketplace soon.

Thermalabs has announced that it will launch a brand new exfoliation product in the next few hours. The release, already baptized the world’s best natural eco-friendly body scrub exfoliator, is a gloves pack. Exfoliating bath gloves are a common beauty product that helps remove the dead skin cells from your body. Exfoliation is an age-old cosmetics practice that is known to have multiple benefits not only for the skin but for the body. To start with, it helps detoxifies the skin, brighten complexion, improve skin tone, kill bacteria, reduce sun damage and fine lines, and prevent breakouts as well. The end result of all this is a younger and healthier skin.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics brand that became popular due to their top-notch formulations for the self-tanning market. The company was launched a little over 2 years ago, but today happens to be one of the most impactful brands in the industry. Thermalabs focus on natural and eco-friendly, green products is one of the key factors that have contributed to its massive success. The company’s headquarters are in New York, although it operates a production facility in Israel.

The company has produced at least a dozen products thus far. These include about half a dozen self-tanning lotions and accessories. Some of Thermalabs most popular products include the Gold Standard Tanner, the Ultimitt self-tanning applicator mitt, and the Glow2Go disposable tan wipes. In the second half of 2015, Thermalabs produced a travel-sized and extra-large versions of the Gold Standard Tanner. The company’s formulations are based on highly organic and natural ingredients such as Aloe Leaf Juice and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Thermalabs new eco-friendly body scrub exfoliator is made from Bamboo Fiber and Loofah. Users who purchase this product will also get a free guide that will enlighten them on the art of exfoliating. With this premium product, Thermalabs is looking to increase its global market share. There’s a growing need for highly organic and natural cosmetics products that get results without subjecting the user’s skin to adverse effects. Critics are debating the ability of this product to capture the interest of users. Although it appears designed to get optimal results, there’s no telling how the market will receive it.

Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world. The company already contributes 10% of its annual profits to nonprofits that increase awareness on skin cancer, and educational missions that are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. More so, the company’s products are consistently natural and organic, getting the results users desire without exposing them to the hazards of dangerous chemicals. Thermalabs approach to the industry has helped it graduate from a little-known brand to a global company that has hundreds of thousands of users from all continents of the world. As the year 2016 continues to unfold, it’ll be interesting to see what else Thermalabs has up its sleeve.

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