Thermalabs Announces Massive Discount on the Glow2Go Sunless Tanning Towelettes

Thermalabs Glow2Go Self-Tanning Body Wipes are now subject to a 75% discount on the online shopping site.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics company best known for America’s Gold Standard Self Tanner, and a portfolio of other high quality tanning formulations. Since its launch roughly two years ago, Thermalabs has managed to position itself as a prime player in the characteristically competitive beauty industry. Glow2Go is one of Thermalabs best-grossing products, and appears to be subject to numerous sales offers and discounts these days. Just recently, the company announced yet another discount on the Glow2Go tanning product. Glow2Go is a super saver pack of body tanning wipes. Customers will now be able to get this product at a 75% discount on, the world’s premier online retail marketplace.

Thermalabs Sunless Tanning wipes formerly had a list price of $49.99. The 75% discount means that customers can purchase the product at the rate of $12.49 per packet. This huge price break is one of the company’s best promotion on any product.

Thermalabs Glow2Go is the second product to be released by the company, following the launch of their pilot product, the Natural Self Tanner (aka America’s Gold Standard Self Tanner). The Natural Self Tanner is responsible for putting the company’s name into the spotlight. The product was an instant hit, selling over 1000 units within just 72 hours post-launch. It is formulated with 70% organic and 97% natural components, for a healthier tan. The sunless tanning lotion has continued to receive highly positive reviews both from the existing market and new customers. The success of this product early on set the stage for Thermalabs future releases.

Users and fanatics alike have credited Thermalabs organic formulations. Indeed, the company’s quality-centric approach appears to be a game changer in the industry. Thermalabs is dedicated to providing skin friendly tanning products that provide an alternative to sun-based tanning. Tanned complexion is the forefront definition of the 21st Century beauty. The traditional way of tanning involved spending hours under the sun just to attain the browning skin effect. According to recent studies by the American Cancer Society, there are over 3.4 million cases of skin cancer in America alone. Part of these cases can be connected to the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun which absorbs into the skin making it vulnerable. Thermalabs organic and natural ingredients are a sound alternative to sun-based tanning. The company’s line of products has been received positively in the market and continues to create a larger foundation for Thermalabs future prospects.

Thermalabs Glow2Go Sunless Tanning Body wipes is among their six tanning products. Their product is based on organic ingredients which have proved to be highly effective. According to users of the tanning towels, Glow2Go is easy in application and gives an even, streak-free tan that is both natural and sexy. The company took a unique marketing approach with their self-tanning body wipes packet. Thermalabs targets the 18-45 years-old female market. The new 70% discount on Glow2Go is targeted to increase sales amongst this group.

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