Thermalabs Acquires a New Domain Name for Its Upcoming Beach Tents Brand

Thermalabs has revealed that it acquired a new domain that will be used for its beach tents brand.

Thermalabs today acquired a new top-level domain that it will use for its upcoming sub-brand for beach tent-related products – Tent World. The domain,, will be a great way for the company to provide essential information to its global audience. The company is apparently very excited about this new brand, which will feature an exotic collection of top-notch beach tents meant for use at the beach, in sports, at home, while camping and just about elsewhere. According to the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, will be a central source of tent related tips, information, and instructions for the company’s growing audience.

Thermalabs is an American startup that’s around two and a half years old. The company is headquartered in New York but operates production facilities in Israel and other parts of the world. Thermalabs has managed to attain massive success for a company of its age. To start with, the firm managed to get into the limelight sometimes in late 2014 when its launch product, the original self-tanner, caused a stir in the market. The fact that the product was based on a highly organic and natural formulation made it dear to users, who purchased and shared it widely. Within the no time, the little-known company had made its first one thousand sales barely 24 hours post-launch. Indeed, the original self-tanner, and its record success helped set the stage for the company that Thermalabs is today.

Impressively, Thermalabs subsequent launches were big hits. Glow2Go, the company’s pack of tanning wipes, is to date a best seller on major e-commerce marketplaces. The Ultimitt, Thermalabs recommended tan applicator mitt, is also wildly successful and remains on the company’s list of all-time bestsellers. It’s amazing how Thermalabs has been able to build on its successes to create a truly global brand. Tent World is a major attempt by the firm to expand its’ dominance beyond the self-tanning niche. This is not the first time Thermalabs has tried to do so. In late 2015, they revealed a new sub-brand going by the name Supremasea. This was referred to as ‘Thermalabs Private Collection of Dead Sea Mineral-based products’, and would house the production of the company’s new range of cosmetic products. So far, Supremasea has been a success, having introduced a successful pilot product.

With Tent World, Thermalabs is creating a global network and profile that will allow it to bring together customers who are interested in tents. The new brand will see the company cultivate a new market, and perhaps increase its global popularity and profitability as well. The company has revealed that all its upcoming tents will be named after planets in the solar system. This is a fascinating naming convention that’ll help domesticate the ‘new’ products to users. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the market once the company holds that press events launching its new beach tents.

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