There has been a crippling factor trying to limit the Growth of Amazon - fake reviews and profiles

Reviews are the cornerstone of Amazon. They affect the purchasing decisions of the over 190 million people that buy and sell on the ecommerce platform every month

But, sadly, it is no longer enough to trust these reviews in making an informed choice of a product as most persons on the platform have decided to be manipulative about their reviews.

Typically, sellers buy Amazon reviews to convince people to purchase their products regardless of the authenticity and quality of the product. The Amazon Fraud Department has identified how these sellers buy Amazon reviews and have taken holistic steps to correct the situation. In 2020 alone, Amazon deleted over 200 million fake reviews on its platform. However, the Amazon Fraud Department has discovered that certain Amazon sellers have devised a new manipulative move.

One of such merchants of fake Amazon reviews is this profile at The public profile is notorious for selling fake Amazon reviews targeted at manipulating the star ratings of a seller’s competitors.

The Amazon Fraud Department is saddled with detecting and removing suspicious products, reviews, accounts, and seller information. They keep track of anything and anyone that breaks Amazon's terms of use. To stall and ultimately end the streak of havoc that fake negative reviews are causing, it is quintessential to report the profiles of these sellers of fake Amazon reviews.

Fake reviews are hurting the customer experience on Amazon. Every day, people are looking to make informed purchasing decisions and get value for their money. Instead, they read these fake Amazon reviews and think they are real, hence being manipulative to settle for a product that often does not exemplify their quality.

The Amazon Fraud Department is always working hard to identify fraudulent activity on Amazon, so people can have confidence when shopping online. Please visit and click “Report this Public Profile” to help the fraud department this fake reviewer so they can take down the profile immediately.

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