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New website launched to review products with expert insight to make recommendations for those considering a purchase.

Dietary supplements are a huge industry, in particular those which claim to offer benefits to people trying to lose weight. With the apparent obesity epidemic ongoing, there is more pressure than ever to lose excess pounds while individuals expect the same instant gratification from dieting as they find in so many other aspects of life. The extract of green coffee beans has been claimed to accelerate metabolism and help individuals lose weight, but no one knows how true the rumors are. A trained nutritionist has reviewed the product independently to help consumers decide.

The review is broken down into four sections with a general introduction aimed at those who may have only heard about the product in passing. The review then goes on to explain the scientific research that informed the supplement entering the market as a dieting accelerant. The research showed a 16% increase in weight loss and showed that green coffee bean extract side effects were nonexistent in all those trialed.

The review then goes on to discuss the active ingredients of the extract and the nutritionist own independent study, as well as giving detailed advice on the appropriate dosages to use depending on the users starting body weight and the outcomes they’re looking for. The review then goes on to recommend the right supplement provider for the best quality extract available.

A spokesperson for The Green Coffee Bean Extract explained, “While we certainly aren’t claiming this as a miracle cure, neither is it a snake oil style example of quackery. The supplement can have benefits when used wisely and we advise individuals to take it in dosages that will optimize its effects in concert with a diet to result in improved weight loss. Expert advice may not be as brash or as outrageous as some of the claims made by louder spokespeople, but it’s trustworthy, and that’s the baseline we are operating on. Our review gives people realistic expectations of what to expect and upon that basis, individuals can decide if it’s worth the investment.”

About The Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Green Coffee Bean Extract is a website that hosts a review of green coffee bean extract written by expert on nutrition, explaining the scientific background informing claims, the methodology and active ingredients and recommended dosages for the supplement.

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