Launches To Provide Nutritionists View On The Supplement

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New site launched to give scientific background on commercially available supplement to help consumers make informed purchasing choices.

Dietary supplements are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, with individuals who feel the need to shed excess weight finding themselves unable to do so at the speed they wish they could achieve without taking drastic or expensive measures that have limited long term value. Supplements claim to be a way to boost the efficiency of the body in shedding weight while dieting, and Garcinia Cambogia is one of the oldest supplements on the market for such a purpose. Recently launched website The Garcinia Cambogia Extract uses a nutritionist to analyze the product to see how effective it really is.

The site’s review is broken down into a general introduction that assumes little to no prior knowledge of the product, before breaking down the scientific and medical evidence through clinical trials, the cultural history of the supplements’ use in traditional medicines and a discussion of the two active ingredients contained in the supplement. The two ingredients both reduce the amount of fat absorbed from food and increase the rate at which existing fat is burned.

The review then goes on to make recommendations for individuals looking to source the supplement as to what they should look for in manufacturers and minimum levels of the active ingredient, as well as advice on dosage levels based on the individual’s starting weight and weight loss objectives.

A spokesperson for The Garcinia Cambogia Extract explained, “We’re basing our recommendations in this review on the integrity of one of the most well-renowned and most sought after surgeons in the medical field in America, Dr. Oz. His endorsement of the product as well as his enlightening ability to inform us of the scientific reasons behind how it works are invaluable to consumers who are looking to lose weight and want to know if these products are worth the investment. Garcinia Cambogia benefits individuals who want to make their existing diet plans more effective without nasty side effects associated with more aggressive chemical accelerants.”

About The Garcinia Cambogia Extract: The Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a website launched to host a scientific and medically based review of the popular dietary supplement by nutrition expert Dr. Oz, who breaks down the product according to its scientific background, evidence for its efficacy, reasons for its popularity, active ingredients and recommended dosages.

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