Now Offers UL2272 Certified SUV Hoverboards

Hoverboard technology is here to stay and is booming again after a serious setback this year. Manufacturers, brands and dealers are working hard to make sure customers don’t get burned – literally.

Popular styles of hoverboards rapidly became the “cool gadget”, but as recently as mid-September a poorly made off-brand unit caused a house fire while being charged indoors in a Kentucky home with thousands in damages.

According to reports and legal complaints, the cause of overheating and fires has been traced to the use of non-UL certified batteries and less-than-capable off-brand charging systems.

“Cheapo brands have been government recalled in the hundreds of thousands because of bad power systems” said The flash Board’s spokesman John Simons. “Samsung’s lithium batteries are costly, but they’re the only ones we know of that are safe.”

According to John buyers should look for and demand the UL2272 certification and the Samsung/LG name on batteries and charging units. “We only sell hoverboards that are certified. All of our products get 13-20 miles of ride time with a quick charge and all of them use the best Samsung or LG gear.”

The company is currently running a sale on some of their products as a limited time promotional offer. “There is clearly a desire for these products, so dealers have to step up and help make the market safe again,” John said. “Right now, regrettably, it’s still a ‘buyer beware’ situation. Hopefully, dealers like us can unite and push for better quality. We’re happy to see some regulation because a safer market is better for sales, too.” is jumping into the market with both feet and already has dozens of models ready to ship. Several well-tested brands and models are available in a wide array of sizes, styles and colors and the list is growing. All their units are usually at the buyer’s doorstep within four days and five day arrival is guaranteed throughout the USA.

The flash board’s best price is $269 for the F653 model, which normally sells for twice that price. The website has also launched SUV UL2272 certified hoverboards which are one of its kind available for the first time in an online marketplace. The sale runs through the end of November. “All our hoverboards are certified and reliable and the fact that they’re cool, fast and can travel a long time on a charge – well, that’s why we’re here. We use these things like crazy ourselves,” Companies spokesperson said.

The most affordable hoverboard is available online with a price tag of around $249. The Hoverboard has 8” wheels, a Bluetooth speaker for road tunes and comes with a carry bag. Although self balancing scooters offered on these websites are not real but they are considered real looking hoverboards that are getting widely popular. If you buy a hoverboard from the flash board or any other online retailer make sure to buy a UL2272 certified product only as it will keep you safe in long run.

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