TheChefClub Release World’s First Uncompromising Knife

Modern-design powder steel knives approved & loved by nearly a hundred of seasoned chefs, cooking enthusiastic and knife experts, now live on Kickstarter.

High-tech knives from TheChefClub are set to make premium blades available to every kitchen, not just the exclusive domain of Michelin-star restaurants. Using the latest materials (powder steel) and advanced engineering, the company made prohibitively-priced premium blades affordable for every kitchen. Combining the latest technology with a minimalist modern design, TheChefClub knives are high-performance and low-maintenance.

TheChefClub knives are rated Excellent by industry leading institution Catra and have received 100% satisfaction rate from nearly 100 chefs and culinary experts who have used and reviewed our knives.

TheChefClub is launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday, Nov 12th.

Founder Elliot Cao set on a mission to create an uncompromising knife to use daily after he couldn’t find one combining great performance with design and durability. After nearly 3 years and 200 prototypes, the company has created a knife that is extremely sharp, looks timeless, and requires very little maintenance.

Getting ready for launch, TheChefClub’s founder Elliot Cao said: “We’ve worked very closely with cooks ranging from Michelin-star chefs to everyday home cooks passionate about making food. We wanted to make a knife without compromises, and we have pushed the boundaries of design and technology to achieve just that. The feedback has been amazing so far, and we can’t wait for more everyday cooks to have TheChefClub’s set in their kitchen”

Here’s how TheChefClub created the world’s first uncompromising knife:

- Instead of using a steel alloy like most knife manufacturers, which compromise on knives’ performance, usability, price or
design, TheChefClub is able to make a durable, super sharp edge out of powder steel with innovative engineering that
brings down the cost of production.
- The company has worked with home cooks and Michelin-star chefs alike to create a knife that combines design and
performance, and changes cooking forever
- Following their attention for long-lasting design and performance, the company has also released their signature knife
block, made of glass and entirely washable.

About Us:
TheChefClub was founded by Elliot Cao together with a group of passionate entrepreneurs and engineers combining world-class expertise in material technology, engineering, and industrial design. The team has spent the past 3 years testing materials and manufacturing techniques and going through 200 working samples in order to create a truly uncompromising knife.

More info and images available in the press pack.

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