The Youth Method: Review Of 14 Day Diet Detox Plan By Erin Neilsen

Health coach Erin Nielsen’s Youth Method has been getting a lot of attention lately. Reviews examine her approach and put a microscope to this 14-day diet plan.

As Erin Neilsen’s latest contribution to the health and weight loss sector, The Youth Method promises to turn back the hands of time and give users younger skin, more energy, and a flatter belly. After using her own tips and advice to create a very healthy and youthful looking body, Erin released The Youth Method to help people separate fact from fiction when it comes to eating healthy and non-inflammatory foods. While the plan has been touted as effective for men and women of all ages, users will need to follow the plan to the letter so as to reap the benefits.

In The Youth Method Diet Detox Plan, Erin points her clients to a comprehensive and efficient 14-day detox program that looks at an entirely new aspect of healthy living and weight loss. As opposed to using techniques like calorie counting, Erin Neilsen educates the masses on how to eat a nutrition packed diet that not only keeps users healthy, but helps keep fat at bay. Erin claims that healthy foods may not be as healthy as they seem and that fatty foods are not the only culprits when it comes to gaining weight. The method basically shows users how to get rid of toxins in their bodies and get things back in full working condition by eating whole foods such as nuts, vegetables and a lot more.

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Erin’s simple 14-day diet plan includes some tips and recipes that will help users eliminate all inflammatory foods from their diet and replace them with non-inflammatory alternatives. Users will also be treated to components that help keep the skin tight in those areas where weight has been lost to avoid loose and saggy skin. Finally, Erin includes a transformational journal that she has claimed is the key to total success. With this, her clients are able to keep track of their progress, stay motivated and reduce stress.

Erin Nielsen is a physical therapist, certified health coach and according to her, an anti-aging and fat loss specialist who is dedicated to teaching individuals how to eat and live healthier. In addition to The Youth Method 14 day Diet Detox, Erin has also released a Transformation guide and a 24 hour rapid result belly and skin tightening blueprint. At 40 years old, Erin credits her healthy and youthful appearance to following her own tips and advice.

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With highlights like zero guesswork, all ages inclusive, gluten, soy, corn and peanut free plan as well as removing all unwanted fat and less sugars, the Youth Method 14 day detox diet plan is definitely worth giving a try. However, Erin did not consider vegetarians when creating the plan.

If interested, all of Erin Nielsen’s works can be bought at her website where she also offers a 60 day trial period where clients can get their money back if no changes are experienced.

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