The World’s Largest Kpop Database Is Relaunching is the process of relaunching a new version of the world’s most popular Kpop database. It comes with new features and a revamped news section to get rid of negativity and upgrade the user experience.

Kpop has been a global phenomenon since 2018, where it rose to fame as the hottest trend in international music. Those close to the trend will say that it had actually been gathering storm for two decades. Right now, millions of people all over the world are streaming Kpop music and creating a massive online community. This is aided by websites like, which is the largest online database for the music genre right now. The site has been around for many years but suffered a setback not long ago. It has since undergone drastic re-developments, and version 2.0 is soon to be rolled out for all to enjoy.

A Beacon For The Kpop Community has over a million unique visitors every month. There are plenty of features on the site for fans of any Kpop band to enjoy. This includes a catalog of the six major music shows, comeback calendars, a plethora of music stats, and much more.

The site aims to fuel the Kpop community and bring fans together in one place. Unlike many other databases, is fully accessible for all registered users. This means that they have the capacity to edit everything on the site, making it very user-centric.

Version 2.0 of this acclaimed database will build on its previous success. Minor and major bugs are being ironed out, along with changes to the algorithm to stop the spread of fake news. It’s believed that the new site will focus even more on the togetherness of the Kpop community and clamp down on negativity.

A Rough Ride For The Kpop Industry
While Kpop rose to fame in the last two years, it’s not been without controversy. There was a wave of suicides in late 2019 attributed to the movement, largely revolving around the intense trolling that was found throughout the community. A surge of anti-fans and fake news made it easy for bullying to spread across the international Kpop scene.

As a result, closed down its news page as the founders believed there was too much clickbait content that fuelled trolling and bullying. Inevitably, this was one of the key reasons behind the re-development of the site. They wanted to create a much safer and more community-driven place that was free from Kpop trolls. Continues To Lead The Way
Having established itself as the leading Kpop online database, is keen to carry on leading the way within the community. The new site will be launched very soon, but avid Kpop fans can still join the fun over on a Twitter page with 74,000 followers. Regular giveaways are run for followers, with lots of Kpop merchandise up for grabs. It’s yet another example of how strives to bring this ever-growing community closer together.

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