The Wild Fire 4-in-1 Cooking Platform Turns the Outdoors into an Epic Kitchen

Wild Fire is an all-in-one outdoor product combining a 1100°F Pizza Oven, a Traditional Grill, an Asado-Style Grill and a Warming Station.

Wild Fire, the revolutionary new 4-in-1 cooking platform that allows users to create epic meals whether on the road or outdoors, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The patent pending Wild Fire 4-in-1 is a charcoal and wood fired powerhouse that combines 4 separate and unique cooking zones. It gives users the ability to sear, sauté, roast, grill and bake 90 second artisanal pizzas with temperatures up to 1100° F all in a single cooking platform. Flexibility in outdoor cooking allows users to create epic meals for friends and family whether at home or on the road.

“We began the journey trying to create a charcoal-wood fired searing product capable of reaching ultra high temperatures (1100F) used by high end steakhouses to create steak perfection,” says founder and CEO Scott Kobryn on the inspiration behind the project. “As we sorted out the technology it became a really simple product extension to add pizza making capabilities, Asado-style wood fired grill, a traditional grill as well as the Warming Station. Having all of these capabilities in one device is really new to the market.”

The Wild Fire works by beginning with charcoal and firewood, both powerful flavor drivers and fuel sources, and utilizes the principles of a forge to push air through the charcoal bed. In about 10 minutes after dumping the chimney starter into the coal bed, the result is supercharged air at temperatures of up to 1100°F in WildZone Pizza-Searing Oven. Air control is infinitely adjustable for complete control and powered by a 110Vdc-12Vdc power pack with a 12ft cable that plugs directly into the blower. Changing cooking zones is also instantaneous thanks to precise and adjustable airflow. Users can instantly switch cooking temperatures, zones and styles of cooking.

The Wild Fire 4-in-1 has been designed in Boone, North Carolina. The heavy aluminum body is topped with a porcelain coated steel lid and generous use of stainless steel throughout the product delivers a tough, long lasting performer

“Modern foodies love variety at the dinner table and variety means using different temperature profiles and methods to create what friends and family love. Traditional BBQ's and grills can't get hot enough to match restaurant quality cooking or change temperatures fast enough on the way to creating a complete meal,” adds Kobryn. “The consumer is forced to buy multiple devices such as a searing station, fire pit grill, traditional grill, smoker etc., filling up the back yard with seldom used gear.  The Wild Fire combines all cooking methods and styles into one device that is compact, powerful and portable. The Wild Fire also puts the fun back into backyard cooking, creating the foods people crave and freeing up space for more friends and family.”

Wild Fire 4-in-1 is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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