The Video Vacuum System - A Newbie-Friendly Vsl System Helps Users To Write Hypnotic Video Sales Letters

To create the sales video, you need a video sales letter and know how to write it, but you do not want to spend years learning lessons teaching copywriting. Now the following product will reveal you how to solve that easily.

The Video Vacuum System is a video course including 11 modules where a producer of A Modern Marketer firm teaches users his exclusive and super simple system he uses to write hypnotic video sales letters that can enhance online business through video marketing. The course contains multiple templates and checklists. He also includes four custom video vacuum templates which are PowerPoint themes that will improve user’s vsl’s pop without making them too distracting.

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The vacuum is the first part of video vacuum, and it is what he uses in the video sales letter. The goal of the vacuum is to attract listeners into the video and hold their attention as users move on to the other parts of the system. In this module, they will discuss three kinds of vacuums users can use in their video sales letter.

The producers will discuss four kinds of differentiators and users will learn a story about how one copywriter was able to make take a certain brand of beer from number 5 to number 1 in the world using something that was not unique. In this module, he teaches users many lessons he learned in the persuasion book.

In the 4th module, he throws in a separate course called Laugh, Cry Buy, where he teaches users how to master the art of storytelling. After building up all of that anticipation with the first four parts of video vacuum. He will also include his product reveal template in this module.

On top of, he went back and created 4 Video Vacuum PowerPoint templates. These are PowerPoint templates that allow users to use when they plan on recording their video sales letter. They are straightforward and minimalist without being dry and boring; they give user’s customers beautiful look while selling to them and not distracting them.

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This course is specifically for a newbie to intermediate internet marketers who are either working on a product or have already completed one and do not know how to sell it. People who do not know where to start and do not want to waste another year learning lessons of copywriting.

The services and products he has sold with this system have been priced on the lower end for testing purposes, but make no mistake; users can use this system to sell anything literally because what he will teach users in this course are not just techniques, but the principles of why and how they work. What is the point of showing users something without telling them why and how it works?

Everyone was using their own version of the video vacuum system to sell products. What he is giving users in this video course is a chance to get inside the minds of the multi-millionaire internet marketers of the current industry and get users hands on a lot of the techniques they would like to use for a low price.

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