The Vault Pro Scooters Launches Campaign To Heighten Awareness Of Scootering Safety

Vault Pro Scooters offers services and advice in light of increasing popularity.

Despite growing controversy from the skateboarding community, the popularity of freestyle scootering is continuing to surge as both an urban sport and a lifestyle. With this growing reputation comes an increased need for participants to understand the dangers associated with scootering. In an effort to promote safe scooter riding and competition, The Vault Pro Scooters has launched a safety campaign to heighten awareness of the necessary safety precautions for this sport.

Michael Lindstrom of The Vault Pro Scooters confirmed, "Common sense dictates helmets are a must; there are no exceptions. The same goes for wrist guards and knee and elbow pads. There are several factors most really don't take into account, though. These are the same concerns present with skateboarding, biking, and any other type of competition where participants rely heavily on equipment."

According the staff of The Vault Pro Scooters, maintenance is key in ensuring safety. Any type of scooter should be sturdy without rattling or unnecessary movement of parts. If any parts seem loose to any degree, the scooter should be "dialed", which simply means all components are tightened and tuned to ensure the scooter is stable and safe for use. This is a measure that should be taken at regular intervals to maintain safety and prolong the life of the scooter and its parts. Lindstrom noted needing to have a scooter dialed after only a few days of use is not uncommon.

Dialing is best left to professionals, as experts are more readily trained to notice slight wear and tear on parts. Replacing these components before damage reaches hazardous levels fosters safety of the user as well as longevity of the scooter. Participants should also be sure to only use their scooters on the type of terrain for which they are designed. Park scooters are not designed to withstand the type of impact associated with dirt scootering, nor are the decks wide enough to provide stability for riding on dirt trails. The type of compression also plays a role and should work well with the other parts of the scooter.

Concluded Lindstrom, "Everyone on staff here at The Vault lives the scootering lifestyle, and we know first hand the importance of safety above all else. We take all measures to ensure our own safety while scootering, as well as preaching them to members of the pro scooter team we sponsor and all our customers. We can answer any questions our customers may have and provide any parts they need to build, customize or repair their scooters."

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