The Unique Group Weighs in on Growth of Flexible Packaging Market

The Unique Group discusses the growing flexible packaging market.

The Unique Group (, a company offering one-stop brand packaging solutions, is weighing in on the growth of the flexible packaging market.

Recent studies continue to show that the flexible packaging market is growing at a fast rate and will reach $248.0 billion by 2020. This is due largely to the demand for personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage. (Source: “Thermal Transfer Ribbon Innovation Drives Efficiency in an Ever Growing Flexible Packaging Market,” April 11, 2016;

“Flexible packaging is a huge industry and probably much bigger than people would assume,” says Asher Lichtman, VP Sales and Marketing at The Unique Group. “And the fact that it’s continuing to grow is encouraging for a company like ours that lives in this industry. Consumer demand for varied packaging is really what gets us going.”

Lichtman says that packaging is something that consumers really value and consider when purchasing a product. Food and beverage makes up the largest percentage of flexible packaging, but consumers are opinionated about packaging for all of the products they purchase, which is why the industry continues to grow.

“This is the era of the consumer,” Lichtman continues. “Probably more than any other time in history, consumers have much more power because there are much more options. So if a consumer has a certain belief or expectation, then they can find companies who match those beliefs in all that they do, right down to the packaging.”

Lichtman add that packaging is an opportunity to market to consumers, not just through colours and copy, but also through the type of material being used to package the product.

“So many people today are trying their best to be sustainable and companies know they must meet consumers’ demand for these types of materials,” he concludes. “If they don’t, consumers will simply go somewhere else.”

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