The Unique Group Introduces Two New Types of Heat Transfers

The Unique Group, a company offering one-stop brand packaging solutions, announces two new heat-transfer products.

The Unique Group (, a company offering one-stop brand packaging solutions, is introducing two new types of heat transfers. Representatives are excited to announce that the two new heat transfers to be incorporated into The Unique Group’s labelling process are the Halo-Free heat transfer and the Durable Heat Transfer (DHT). Both of these products are available immediately.

“Our success hasn’t stopped us from pushing ourselves to become better,” says Asher Lichtman, vice president of sales and marketing at The Unique Group. “In fact, our success with large brands has motivated us to search for and develop even better ways to help our clients. That’s why this announcement is so exciting.”

Halo-Free heat transfers are soft, natural looking, and come without any of the glue shadows which are typical of other heat transfer labels. They also possess quick dwell times and are able to manage font sizes as small .23mm.

“It’s perfect for any cotton blend or polyester fabrics,” Lichtman continues. “And it works on both light and dark cotton.”

Durable Heat Transfers are unique in that they are an ink-only product and can safely bond to cotton or poly blends without any issue. DHT removes any concern of wear or scratching because they literally become a part of the fabric.

“What’s also interesting about DHT is that it takes on the characteristics of the material it’s bonded to. So, as clothing becomes softer after each wash, so does the DHT labelling,” Lichtman explains. “Yet, there is no distortion of the actual design—it stays in tact. Its reel-to-format makes it great for larger orders.”

The Unique Group creates custom labels and branded packaging supplies for many international clients. More information about their products, including Halo-Free heat transfers and DHT are available at Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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