The Truth About Cellulite Gets an In-Depth review From GVL 3

GVL 3 has reviewed Joey Atlas’ ‘the truth about cellulite’ to inform their readers of the true quality of the book and its suggested remedies and treatments.

Cellulite affects millions of women. Indeed, it is speculated that cellulite is a condition experienced by the majority of women, and is a natural result of the way women’s bodies store fat. However, cosmetic beauty and the promotion of an idealized version of women’s bodies has led many to feel that cellulite is unattractive and unacceptable, making them feel self-conscious and even depressed. Many people searching for a solution come across Joey Atlas’ book, The Truth About Cellulite. GVL 3 has recently reviewed the book to give an independent assessment of its true quality as a potential solution to cellulite issues.

The review ( explains that the book comprises a multi-faceted approach to managing and reducing cellulite including muscle exercises, skin car and nutrition. The review also explains the common time frame for seeing effective results as well as advantages and disadvantages of the course.

The site also links to multimedia resources including facebook fan pages (, YouTube video reviews and high quality before and after images to help readers ascertain the true results experienced by real users who have invested in the product. This in turn can help them make a decision as to whether or not the product is suitable for their needs.

A spokesperson for GVL 3 explained, “The Truth About Cellulite has been an influential book and has helped many people to reduce the appearance of cellulite according anecdotal evidence. The trouble is that such endorsement counts for little in the age of the internet so we had to do an independent analysis to verify what the reports were saying. Indeed, having reviewed the product thoroughly we have found images and video as well as online communities that attest to the efficacy of the approaches and the quality of the information, making it a worthwhile purchase for anyone suffering from cellulite.”

About GVL 3:
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