The Texas Tamale Warehouse Announces Brick Queso Sauce

The Texas Tamale Warehouse, with over 24 products to choose from, has now added a kickin' queso to its inventory!

Tamales have been around for centuries now and until this very present day, there are still many people who love to taste this product that makes their mouth water and their stomach leap. For this reason, The Texas Tamale Warehouse has come into existence.

The Texas Tamale Warehouse is a leading online retailer of gourmet tamales that specializes in bringing classic home-style tamales with premium grade ingredients and deliciously unique flavors to tamale lovers throughout the United States and Apo military addresses around the world.

From the year it was built up to this day, The Texas Tamale Warehouse has provided Tamale and Chili lovers with the famous Brick Chili from Texas Chili Company. Still, the company never stops to serve people with the best. It has recently launched its new and great tasting product that is the perfect match for tamales and equally great for chips and other dipping.

The company is proud to announce its newly discovered Queso with Hatch Chiles that adds the beauty, color and taste of cheese topping to any tamale.

The new Hatch Chile Con Queso Sauce comes in the same similar brick as Texas Chili Company’s famous Chili. This flavor product harmonizes and adds one more great taste to The Texas Tamale Warehouse’s long list of magnificent tastes. The spicy factor that it has is about 3 out of 10. It is also available at a very reasonable price. Its current sale price is $4.95.

These Gourmet Mexican Tamales reflect the Texas Tamale tradition which would make any taste bud satisfied. The tamales that they market are excellent for Christmas tradition and any other occasion. They produce homemade, hand-made vegetarian tamales, chicken, pork, beef, sweet and many more. One just needs to tell what they want and everything will be provided to them.

The Texas Tamale Warehouse continues to do their best when making premium tamales. The Queso with Hatch Chiles and other tamales guarantee every customer that it will make their stomach happy and full.

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