The Swell Clinic provides virtual sexual health services across Nevada and Arizona

The Swell Clinic, a virtual sexual health and wellness clinic, now offers services in Nevada and Arizona.

The Swell Clinic is delighted to confirm that it now offers virtual sexual wellness and health services across Arizona and Nevada.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Swell Clinic specializes in providing clients with professional, discreet, convenient sexual health services. A non-judgmental, all-inclusive practice, the clinic offers professional advice and support for all. Clients from all walks of life can benefit from safe, convenient, quick and simple virtual consultations.

The Swell Clinic covers a wide range of practice areas, including PrEP, herpes outbreak treatment and suppressive therapy, as well as STD testing. The expert team is also on hand to provide tailored advice for clients via virtual appointments.

The clinic, which operates across Nevada and Arizona, provides 100% risk-free virtual consultations with trained, licensed medical providers. Clients can access the advice and support they need from the comfort of their own home, safe in the knowledge that they will not be judged. The clinic also provides fast, convenient at-home lab testing kits.

The Swell Clinic was established to provide clients with a safe, accessible means of seeking expert sexual health and wellness advice. Many people feel uncomfortable speaking to health professionals about symptoms or sexual health problems that they deem embarrassing or awkward. Virtual appointments with experienced medical providers enable clients to feel more relaxed and comfortable. There is no need for patients to feel anxious about seeing their primary care physician or doing tests at a clinic. With virtual consultations and convenient home testing kits, clients get all the help and support they need without having to leave the comfort or familiarity of their own home.

Swell Clinic prides itself on providing a safe haven in a totally inclusive environment, welcoming patients and being respectful, open and honest, showing empathy in every situation, demonstrating loyalty and offering love to all. More information is available at

About Swell Clinic
Swell Clinic is based in Las Vegas. Specializing in herpes outbreak and suppressive therapy, PrEP and STD testing, the clinic offers a wide range of virtual sexual health and wellness services. Swell Clinic now offers virtual appointments for clients across Nevada and Arizona. The aim of the clinic is to provide clients with a safe space to seek advice and get the treatment they need. Virtual consultations and home testing kits take the awkwardness out of reaching out for help and they also make accessing sexual health services fast, convenient and risk-free. It is well-documented that many people find it hard to talk about sexual health. The Swell Clinic is breaking down barriers.

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