The Standard: Discovering Jesus as the Standard for Masculinity is showing Men the Way to True Manhood

Inside of The Standard Josh Khachadourian presents the ancient disciplines, actions and methods of Jesus empowering your breakthrough so you can reach your maximum potential with nothing holding you back.

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A new book, The Standard: Discovering Jesus as the Standard for Masculinity is having a huge impact on men. In its first day of release on Amazon, it secured the #1 new release and in less than 48 hours became a bestseller.

In this book, the author, Josh Khachadourian, takes on the question: “who sets the standard for men?” His answer is Jesus, and the book examines Jesus in his humanity. Josh states that many men recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but most don’t see Him as showing men the way to be a true man.

The book makes the case that Jesus is the true standard for masculinity and examines His life in six dimensions: Self-Mastery, Leadership, Communication, Empathy, Confrontation, and Love. With a deep dive into examples taken from the Bible, Josh presents Jesus as a man of discipline and diligence who was efficient and effective in accomplishing His mission. Many men have been incorporating reading The Standard into their morning routine. Josh clearly lays out in the book that Jesus had a strong morning routine and high-powered habits that fueled His purpose and makes the case for all men to follow this example.

Each chapter in The Standard examines one characteristic from the life of Jesus, followed by a coaching section. The chapters are purposefully short so that any guy can easily fit this reading into their daily schedule. One of the best compliments Josh has been told is, “This is the most un-religious book on Jesus I’ve ever read. ”The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format, with the hard copy due to be released in the following months.

About Josh Khachadourian
Josh Khachadourian is a husband, father, leader and coach on a mission to lift up Jesus as The Standard by which all of life's decisions, passions and pursuits will be measured by. For over 20 years, Josh has been part of and led many high-performing teams to victory in both profits and breakthrough. Josh has founded Standard 59 as an answer to mediocrity and a call for men to ascend in all areas of life. You can learn more by visiting

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