The Skin of Culture and Hair Center Spreads Awareness About Platelet-Rich Plasma

Continuing Center's mission of educating patients and the public, new campaign builds on founder Dr. Nikki Hill's recent article in Atlanta's BestSelf magazine, SOCAH Center reports

The Skin of Culture and Hair (SOCAH) Center kicked off a new public awareness campaign focusing on the dermatological applications of Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. Expanding on a May, 2016, article in BestSelf magazine by clinic founder and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nikki Hill, the new campaign will detail a range of uses for appropriately enriched plasma.

From slowing and reversing hair loss in cases of non-scarring alopecia to facial rejuvenation or lessening the appearance of scars, treatments focusing on the use of platelet-rich plasma regularly prove their power and effectiveness. As the top concierge dermatologist in tucker ga, Dr. Nikki Hill works on a personal level with patients to arrive at the best possible dermatological answers to their needs, including making use of PRP therapies, where appropriate.

"One of the things that sets us apart here at SOCAH Center is the emphasis we place on educating and informing our patients," Dr. Nikki Hill said, "Informed patients are empowered, and that means better outcomes for all of us. We've seen a lot of interest and questions in recent months about the use of platelet-rich plasma to achieve common dermatological goals, so we're happy to launch this new public awareness campaign as a way of providing some answers. From my recent article in BestSelf magazine to the resources now online at our website, we think that many people in the area are going to find plenty to dive into."

Plasma is the yellowish, water-based fluid that makes up the bulk of human blood, providing a liquid medium for blood cells, proteins, and other solids to move around in. Since the 1970s, plasma harvested from patients and then enhanced with the addition of clotting-oriented cellular fragments called "platelets" has been used for a variety of medical purposes.

As the new SOCAH Center campaign aims to make clear, several of the most significant therapeutic applications of platelet-enriched plasma can potentially address common dermatological complaints. In her recent BestSelf magazine article, for example, SOCAH Center founder Dr. Nikki Hill touched on how PRP therapy can be employed to slow or reverse hair loss resulting from non-scarring alopecia, an option that has regularly produced results for the Center's patients.

New resources at the SOCAH Center website also detail other uses for PRP, including facial rejuvenation and the moderation of scarring that resists other therapies. As a provider of concierge-style dermatology in tucker ga, the SOCAH Center commits to highly personalized service that always includes educating patients as to the full range of their options. With the Center's new PRP public awareness campaign now ongoing, all are invited to get in touch to learn more.

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