The Simplest Program Explained In The Simplest Terms

The Twelve Steps of recovery written as a children’s book.

Already having caused a fuss on social media before being published, one thing’s for sure about “Oh! The Steps You’ll Take” – People either LOVE it or HATE it.

“Most of the comments were supportive and asking for release dates, but there were a few people who were extremely vociferous that they hated what I was doing.”

With recovery being life or death for many addicts, it’s no surprise that the issue is a sensitive one to those who have struggled to work the steps. Author, Charles Howell, understands this, and assures readers that changing the tried and tested program of recovery is not his intention.

“I don’t see this book as replacing, amending, or qualifying the twelve steps. If anything, I would hope that this book might spark an interest in recovery in someone who might not have otherwise decided to try. In recovery, they should definitely work the steps as written.”

The steps as written in the book are colorful, in a lyrical language, and definitely fun to read. And they evoke the meaning and intent of the original steps.
Print book still in development. Kindle version will be free on January 17, 2018-January 21.

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