The Shoulder Center Presents an Alternative to Medical Tourism

The Shoulder Center Reveals Key to Affordable, Quality Health Care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 750,000 Americans travel each year to another country for medical care. This practice, referred to as medical tourism, continues to increase due to rising health care costs here in the United States. Unfortunately, medical tourism comes with certain risks, and certain procedures may not be done to American standards. To save money while still obtaining quality medical care, many now turn to Medibid.

"Medibid offers an online marketplace, one where Americans can find doctors competing for patients. When one goes looking for shoulder surgeons on, The Shoulder Center comes up. The Shoulder Center offers remote online medical consultations for patients who have undergone shoulder surgery, yet haven't obtained the desired results. When one turns to Medibid shoulder surgery specialists, they save money as only cash payments are accepted, eliminating the insurance company or middleman," Dr. Vivek Agrawal explains.

Medical tourism remains risky as America has high standards in place when it comes to medical care, including the education required of doctors and what type of continuing education one must undergo to remain licensed. Other countries often have standards that are very inferior when compared to those found in the United States. In addition, any procedures undertaken in the United States have been through a testing process to ensure they are safe. The same cannot be said of all procedures done outside of the country.

"One should never take risks with his or her health. Unfortunately, many fail to realize just how important their health is until it is gone. Anyone who has had a botched surgical procedure on the shoulder should contact The Shoulder Center. Patients receive a discounted price on consultations and those with insurance may still save, especially those who need a procedure not covered or those with a high deductible," Dr. Agrawal continues.

Potential patients see the doctor's credentials, training, and education, and licensing information appears when the bid has been accepted. Dr. Agrawal recommends patients do their research, however, to ensure they have the desired information when it comes to the medical practitioner they will be using. Doctors from around the globe participate in Medibid, and 70 percent of patients using the site state they are willing to travel anywhere in the country. Ten percent state they would travel across the globe for the desired medical care.

"Before one takes this step, take advantage of the concierge service offered through The Shoulder Center. Staff at the center arrange for the patient's visit and set up a detailed consultation and any needed testing. The goal remains to provide a diagnosis which is both accurate and comprehensive, along with a treatment plan. Patients find Medibid allows them to obtain the desired care right here in America, care that meets the high standards one would expect when obtaining care within the country," Agrawal explains.

About The Shoulder Center:
The Shoulder Center believes consumers can save significant amounts of money by dealing directly with doctors, a type of care often referred to as 'medical tourism'. Dr. Agrawal's advanced online medical consultations offer consumers an opportunity to receive a second opinion on a shoulder surgery they believe failed, no matter where the consumer is living. The Shoulder Center provides surgical and medical care, following the highest standards, and specializes in innovative treatments for various shoulder problems.

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