The Shoulder Center Launches New Facebook Page in Support of Failed Surgery Patients

As the only forum of its kind for shoulder surgery patients, this Facebook page provides the support and knowledge they need, publishes

Current medical reports indicate a failure rate of between 40 and 65 percent for conventional rotator cuff surgery with the span in statistics being attributed to a number of factors such as age and severity of the injury; in contrast, failed arthroscopic shoulder surgery rates hold fast at an estimated 8 percent. Despite these statistics, many rotator cuff injury patients undergo the more invasive procedures due to lack of access to surgeons qualified to perform the arthroscopic techniques. In an effort to provide support to those enduring failed rotator cuff surgeries, Dr. Vivek Agrawal, MD has launched The Shoulder Center's new Facebook page, the only Facebook group focusing solely on sufferers of failed shoulder and rotator cuff surgeries.

Dr. Agrawal elaborated, "Failed surgeries can be a frustrating and debilitating problem. Shoulder anatomy and rotator cuff function are very complex. Our hope for the failed shoulder surgery group is to provide an open forum for patients to share their experiences and be able to ask the tough questions needed to find a satisfactory solution."

With more than 2 million Americans sustaining shoulder injuries of this nature each year, a significant portion of the population is left facing future surgeries and ongoing pain. This brings about a growing need for encouragement and education beyond what many patients receive prior to going under the knife. Symptoms of this type of injury, such as decreased use of the affected arm and considerable lack of sleep, can be life altering; therefore, gaining knowledge and assistance is crucial.

A number of physicians urge patients to consider nonsurgical alternatives, including anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, physical therapy and decreased activity. While these options can aid in pain relief, they often fail to remedy the associated decreased range of motion issues. Arthroscopic reparation of this type of damage is far less invasive than conventional techniques and often requires shorter recovery periods. At the same time, this type of surgery offers a far greater success rate than its counterparts.

Concluded Dr. Agrawal, "Since very few surgeons are skilled and experienced with arthroscopic shoulder surgery techniques, they simply aren't an option for many patients. This is the reason behind so many Americans experiencing the frustrations of seeing little or no relief following surgery. Our new Facebook page offers a haven where they can receive the answers and support they need."

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