The SHA-256 Interest Bearing Bitcoin Alternative Battlecoin (BCX) – Now Trading on Cryptsy

New cryptocurrency Battelcoin offers 1% interest every 10 day period for BCX holders, and the team has many innovative services planned for Battlecoin's future.

New fantasy digital currency Battlecoin is a SHA-256 hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake coin – with generous 1% interest staking every 10 day period for BCX holders. Battlecoin is a playful coin with serious potential. The currency recently began trading for Bitcoin on Cryptsy, where open bids went for over $3 to start and ended up at a 2000 satoshi bottom. The coin has a growing ecosystem and the dev team is working hard on a number of innovative projects to ensure Battlecoin has a bright future.

The Battlecoin dev team has big plans for the future, and is currently working with game developers to have games developed that will take Battlecoin as a payment method. Battlecoin is also currently accepted as a payment method at online precious metals outlet

The Battlecoin team’s main project is an innovative multipool where BCX miners will be paid in Battlecoin to aggressively mine other alt coins – the service is envisioned to serve coin developers and other alt coin fans who need hash power redirected to their coins. The service will also have a VIP room where BCX miners can interact and discuss profitable mining strategies. This innovative hash power for hire service will be the first of its kind in the alt coin world.

Battlecoin (BCX) utilizes the SHA-256 cryptographic PoW algorithm – the same as Bitcoin – basing Battlecoin’s network security on the proven technology underlying Bitcoin. The SHA-256 algorithm also ensures established Bitcoin miners can easily mine BCX with their current mining rigs.

Battlecoin is not only a new currency, but is also dedicated to the theme as the founder himself explained: “We are not just a coin we are a whole concept”.

The ever enthusiastic Battlecoin development team leads you straight out on the battlefield – rewarding their humble soldiers every 10 days with their 1% stake.

“BCX is a warrior from a land far away sent to slay these dragons and restore order to the land. The battlefield lay littered with dead and dying dragons. He postures up on his faithful steed, raises his sword to take another slice at one more dragon. Our warrior is outnumbered. The dragons keep coming he needs YOUR HELP… It is now your turn. Pick up your sword, put on your armour, march into battle and help us save the land from total destruction. The Time has come – Battlecoin”

The increasingly popular coin was released with an elevated difficulty to prevent ASIC insta-mine and there will be 100 Million BCX minted in total – making it an interesting prospect in the expanding world of alternative crypto currencies. With BCX already trading on Cryptsy, its use of the SHA-256 algorithm to secure the network, its growing ecosystem, its innovative multipool and its generous 1% staking every 10 days, this currency may very well win many battles in 2014 for miners, speculators and holders.

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This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with the financial advisor before investing in Battlecoin or any other digital currency.

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