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Digione provides all security camera types, dashcams, timekeepers and smart door locks in Vietnam.

The security camera is a technological device that records, monitors and monitors all developments in the installed area. The product is considered a closed-circuit television system. The security camera can continuously save recorded images to an SD memory card or hard drive. Users can observe the events recorded at any distance and at any time. It is the 24-hour non-stop surveillance that the security camera is also called a "sleeping eye".

Each parameter on a security camera, such as resolution, viewing angle, lens, etc., has a certain meaning and role:

  • Resolution is a technical parameter that determines the recorded image quality and indicates how sharp the details are. The resolution measure unit is the pixel decided by the CMOS sensor that shows how sharp the image conveys.
  • Chipset (CMOS sensor) is responsible for capturing images from the camera through filters to make the image as clear and realistic as possible.
  • Brightness represents the colors' lightness and darkness ranging from 0%-100%. Depending on the day or night conditions, the camera brightness is auto-adjusted to suit the viewer's eyes.
  • Contrast is the difference between two black-white colors in the camera's recognition area to bring out the most harmonious image.

When installing security cameras, users should focus on many points to capture the whole scene.

  • Avoid locations where the light shines directly on the camera because these locations reduce the image quality obtained. Backlit locations look dark and can not be seen clearly.
  • Install the camera in narrow corners overlooking wide angles. For example, indoor space is installed in the house corners.
  • Determine the rotation angle before installation so that it covers the whole scene. For example, the frequent entry and exit positions.
  • When cleaning the camera, use soft and microfiber cloths so as not to scratch the glass.

Today, there are 3 popular security cameras: IP cameras (wireless), infrared hemisphere cameras and infrared body cameras. The wireless Wi-Fi IP camera has a very simple operating principle. Users only have to connect to a stable Wi-Fi, and the camera can transfer images to the viewer's device through separate management applications. The infrared hemisphere camera is designed as a small half-sphere, which is convenient to install and camouflage. The infrared camera body is designed with a cylindrical shape, integrated with an infrared LED system and controlled by a photosensitive sensor to help capture clear images, even day or night.

Digione is a store chain offering many security camera products. Products come from world-famous manufacturers such as Hikvision, Imou, Ezviz, Dahua, Kbvision, Hilook, etc.

Digione supports consulting, surveying and installation for free on-site. Customers can experience all products directly at the Digione stores system. Products are subject to the manufacturer's warranty policy and are supported with free shipping. Price and service attitude is the same among each Digione store branch.

Camera products are priced from 590,000 VND to 5,670,000 VND. All camera products at Digione are genuine from famous brands with full certificates, fully warranted according to the manufacturer's regulations.

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About the store: Digione distributes many smart electronic devices such as security cameras, dashcams, timekeepers, fingerprint locks, etc. Digione has more than 20 store branches in Vietnam.

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