The secret of PPtutor's popularity in global Chinese families

In July 2017, Bob Wang, the founder of PPtutor, accidentally noticed that more and more Chinese children were learning English online, and an interesting idea came to him...

In July 2017, Bob Wang, the founder of PPtutor, accidentally noticed that more and more Chinese children were learning English online, and an interesting idea came to him: if American teachers could teach Chinese students remotely, could teachers in China also teach overseas Chinese students remotely? PPtutor, an online Chinese language education platform, was then created.

To date, PPtutor has become the largest online Chinese brand, with a team of about 2,000 teachers, serving more than 60,000 students in 55 countries around the world.

Educational innovation

The core of online education innovation is to provide more students with easier access to better quality teaching resources. PPtutor, as a pioneer in the industry, is the first to set up the team of 100% Chinese teachers with qualified certifications, and the team with rich experience in Chinese curriculum developing. These quality resources are connected with students through live internet teaching technology.
Bob said, PPtutor is the practitioner of the global sharing economy model, connecting 25 million overseas Chinese children and 2 million excellent Chinese teachers in China via the Internet.
PPtutor has an extremely strict teacher screening process that requires all teachers to have qualified certifications and at least 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese. In addition, PPtutor is working with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, and Beijing Language and Culture University to develop the curriculum system, which ensures the scientific validity of all the courses.

In order to better serve the customers, PPtutor has a "Five-in-One Service System", which includes the teacher, the class teacher, the course consultant, the technical support engineer, and the classroom supervisor to serve each student. Bob stated that “Students First” is the most important corporate values of PPtutor, therefore service to customers must be done conscientiously, thoughtfully, and fully.

Branding through word-of-mouth marketing

Compared to other brands, people rarely see PPtutor’s ads. Bob responded, rather than spending a lot of money in advertising, PPtutor is more willing to put these money in continuous upgrading of services and products. So far, PPtutor's renewal rate is as high as 95%. 80% of PPtutor's customers are referred by old customers. In the future, PPtutor will keep on doing word-of-mouth marketing, because the essence of educational products is teaching effectiveness. Only good teaching effectiveness can be unanimously recognized by students, which is the best advertising ever.

Improving the competitiveness of the industry

The online Chinese language education industry is still at an very early stage. As one of the leading companies in the industry, PPtutor is making its own efforts to improve the service standards of the industry, which has already contributed to the upgrading of education and the improvement of the industry's competitiveness.
PPtutor has been focused on two aspects since its founding: first, constantly polishing products. PPtutor has developed different curriculum to meet the needs of different overseas students. The teaching content of more than 3,000 class hours are already in use and widely accepted by students. And second, reacting quickly to the development of the times, serving students with the most advanced technology. PPtutor's self-developed intelligent teaching platform is a deep integration of technological innovation and online education industry, which is making large-scale remote personalized education possible.

Chinese language hot

More and more overseas Chinese have a higher demand for Chinese learning. However, Chinese learning has always been the pain point for overseas Chinese parents as well. They are facing a lot of problems, such as: teachers with poor teaching skills, outdated teaching materials, bored class, and inflexible scheduling. PPtutor solves above problems through flexible live teaching, professional teachers, and top-notch teaching materials.

At the end of this interview, Bob told that, in March 2020, PPtutor launched its "Customer Service Enhancement Plan" on the NASDAQ big screen. This is the first Chinese language learning brand saying hello to the world in New York Times Square. And in future, PPtutor plans to serve 500,000 overseas Chinese families by 2023, and become the world's leading company in global cross-border education.

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