The Search For A Successor To Chat Roulette Can Be Ended At

The new aggregate site provides the top twenty Chat Roulette alternatives together in a single place so users can decide where else to go.

Chat Roulette’s new rules and limitations have caused a run of bad PR against the brand, as many users feel the new criteria run against the very reason they flocked to the site in the first place. Free, anonymous, randomized web chat has become a popular hobby and social activity for millions around the globe, and now they search for easier, less restricted means to do so a huge number of competing sites have sprung up around the web. Rather than spend hours researching these alternatives, Chatroulette Sites provides a simple click and try listing of the top twenty alternatives so users can further randomize their discoveries in the random chat world.

The site lists the top twenty providers with their logos and has each roulette application directly on the site so users can connect instantly. The new alternative sites support a range of features like randomized group chat, girls only chat, gay chat and more.

Every listing comes with a product description and a review of the service by Chatroulette Sites so that users know what they’ll find should they decide to use the site in question.

A spokesperson for Chatroulette Sites explained, “Alternatives to Chat Roulette and Omegle sites have sprung up primarily because these sites have been slow to respond to consumer demand for enhanced features. The old sites aren’t keeping up, and it’s as simple as a click to go and try out somewhere new. Whether all the sites live up to this world of possibilities is up to users to decide, but we make it a simple matter to find them by collating all the best sites together in one place so users can try different alternatives at their leisure.”

About Chatroulette Sites
Founded in March of 2013, Chatroulette Sites is the world’s first site to provide the top 20 Chat Roulette alternative sites in one place. Each site is reviewed and ranked to make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. In less than 60 days the site has already attracted over 1 million monthly users and is growing fast.

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