The Safe Trader App Launches Limited Time Only Free Download Of Binary Trading Platform

The Safe Trader App promises to be the most advanced and effective, easy to use binary trading platform to date and is free to new beta testers for a limited time only.

Binary options trading is a form of trade wherein individuals invest a certain amount in a stock, predicting whether the stock will go up or down by a given amount in the near future. Once the time passes, if their prediction was correct the investor receives a fixed payout. It is the simplest way to play the stock market and also one of the easiest ways to win, making it popular for those who are looking to create additional income. The Safe Trader App is a potentially life changing new software that is being offered for a limited time only as a free beta.

The website for the app explains that it is the only one to be endorsed by the Binary Traders Association and is in fact being developed under the supervision of one of their most senior members, Rick Vicari, to trade binary options in an intuitive and effective manner.

Current beta testers are earning an average of over 1,000 dollars a day through the new platform on autopilot mode, where it analyses the trends and manages the portfolio of the user without the need for the user to keep tabs on the software every minute of the day, for the first time offering the opportunity to develop an ambient stream of income.

A spokesperson for the Safe Trader App explained, “We have very limited places on the existing beta and this is the only time the software will be available for free, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform your standard of living forever. Binary trading options are an amazing way of making big gains through the aggregate of many small wins, and the binary trading app gives people every feature they could need in order to make the best decisions, make those wins and transform their fortunes. The beta is where we perfect the system, and in exchange for our testers’ help in this, they get the opportunity to make over a thousand dollars a day for free.”

About Safe Trader App:
The Safe Trader App is a new binary options trading platform that is the only one ever to be approved by the binary traders association, and is being given away right now for free for a limited time only, to a limited number of beta testers who can prove its capability to make over a thousand dollars a day on autopilot. For more information please visit:

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