The Roadmap For The Bored Apes XRP Club NFT Collection That Is Built On The XRP Ledger

The Bored Apes XRP Club/ xApes is proud to announce the lunch of their NFT collection and share their plans to conquer the XRP ledger.

The NFT and crypto community has welcomed The Bored Apes XRP Club, a new collection of NFTs that is built on the XRP ledger. Created by three XRP enthusiasts, the club, xApes, is ready to take over the XRP ledger with its unstoppable apes built for utility, artwork, crypto memes, and lust for bananas. According to the team behind xApes, The Bored Apes XRP Club NFTs are more than art since members get unique perks. When people join the Ape Club, they get a club pass that identifies them and will help them earn passive income.

Club membership also guarantees many exclusive opportunities communicated through their discord. The first step to becoming a member is having an ape. This grants access to many exclusive benefits like meetings, tickets to events, and so much more. The choice of ape becomes the member’s avatar in the xApes universe, more like a virtual clubhouse. Members also get access to exclusive giveaways.

Building the Bored Apes XRP Club has taken a combination of the XRP Ledger and blockchain technology to make this a unique NFT with endless possibilities for growth. Their roadmap details changes they want to introduce on their website, including airdrops of exclusive opportunities for members. They also plan to partner with other projects to expand the scope of their xApes universe and NFTs.

The Bored Ape Club NFTs consist of 10000 apes equipped with a range of properties. Their accessories, fur type, facial expressions, and clothing speak of their unique qualities. Since members need to have an ape, they will require a BAY token to buy one. After minting one of the 10,000 special apes, members get to find out which one they got.

The Bored Apes XRP Club is creating a one-of-a-kind monkey universe that is challenging and redefining the NFT space. Exclusive news on their plans and new releases are availed through their social media platforms.

Contact Info:
Name: Bored Apes XRP Club/ xApes Team
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Organization: Bored Apes XRP Club/ xApes
Address: Netherlands

Release ID: 89057987