The Revolutionary Wellness Cloud Announced For Tablets, Creating Ultra Comfort And Relaxation

The Wellness Cloud is a new product and fashion accessory that affixes to tablets to make them more comfortable to use when relaxing and reclining, just in time for the holiday season.

Tablets offer a number of advantages over both phones and laptops. Being somewhere in the middle, they have a large enough screen to work from effectively while not having the weight and cumbersomeness of a traditional laptop. They do come with their own disadvantages however- their lithe design makes them difficult to hold and keep at the right angle for long periods of time. Fortunately, the Wellness Cloud is a revolutionary new product that creates a comforting cushion around a tablet and makes it more usable than ever before, and has been released just in time for the Christmas rush.

This new product is the ideal Tablet Pillow for when users are lounging on the Sofa or in Bed, and features a unique design, high quality materials and an optimized set up to enable people to lead a more relaxed lifestyle while still interacting with their tablet.

The iPad pillow enables users to lean back and relax while using a tablet while keeping the screen at the ideal orientation for visibility, enabling people to relax and read, watch movies, browse the web, and listen to music in an ergonomically correct position. The Wellness Cloud completely supports the tablet, reducing stress in hands, wrists, forearms, back and neck whether laid in bed, or sat on the couch.

A spokesperson for Wellness Cloud explained, “Wellness Cloud is the newest and most innovative accessory for your tablet ever created. Our image gallery provides a huge range of examples of the Wellness Cloud in use, from airplanes to hammocks to sofas. We have a full list of features on the website explained in detail to demonstrate exactly how cutting edge the product is, and easy and secure payment options so individuals can buy right away and get their Wellness Cloud in time for Christmas. It is already shaping up to be the hottest must have accessory for tablets and iPads in 2015.”

About The Wellness Cloud: The Wellness Cloud is for those who love the highest quality comfort, new technology and amazing, futuristic, modern HIGH TECH FASHION. The Wellness Cloud is ideal tablet pillow for relaxing in the ideal position to read, watch movies and listen to music, whether in bed, on a sofa or at a desk. The Wellness Cloud makes a perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

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