The Revolutionary Flu Treatment That Treats Symptoms Fast

IV company releases a new flu relief that offers faster and more effective relief from the worst and most common flu symptoms.

Having the flu is terrible. In some cases, it leads to people not going into work and being bed-bound for days. Most of the conventional treatments for the flu virus are ineffective. So, The IV Doc has come up with a solution that provides fast-acting relief for people suffering from the virus. By administering an intravenous fluid solution, customized with flu relieving medicine as well as immune-boosting vitamins. This Flu Relief solution goes straight into the bloodstream and can get to work right away.

This holds a significant advantage when compared to typical oral medicines. There’s no denying that life with the flu can feel like the end of the world. Some of the most apparent and irritating symptoms include a runny or blocked nose, scratchy throat, headache, and muscle aches throughout the body. For the most part, the only solution is to stock up on over the counter pain meds and spend the next few days trying to ride out the illness.

The interesting thing about the Flu Relief IV creates by THE IV DOC is that it can be delivered to people in their homes. In fact, The IV Doc will send a registered nurse to provide care to people in their homes or hotel rooms. In theory, flu sufferers can get medical-grade treatment without needing to check into a hospital.

Medical Professionals
Critiques of IV solutions will say that it’s not safe for public consumption. However, The IV Doc is quick to bash this criticism on its head. The Flu Relief IV - and all other IVs - are delivered by experienced medical professionals. These individuals have had training and experience in ICU’s and ER’s in hospitals, so they know how to administer an IV safely with aseptic technique.

What’s In The Treatment?
The Flu Relief IV solution is composed of an IV fluid that slowly drips into the bloodstream. It’s packed full of anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling and aches and pain. Anti-nausea medication may be included in the solution to prevent uncomfortable feelings of nausea or vomiting. There’s also a massive dose of Vitamin C to boost the immune system and fight back against the flu virus. Finally, the IV Flu Relief is rounded off with a multivitamin boost and plenty of electrolytes to replace any that were lost due to sweating through a fever.

The IV Doc remains committed to providing individuals with the best health & wellness solutions possible. With the Flu Relief, people no longer have to sit through a full week of agony after the flu takes hold. Intravenous solutions are proven to work quickly as they can enter the bloodstream immediately. This also leads to a higher absorption rate of all the minerals and vitamins in the solution. The IV Doc makes the health & wellbeing of patients a top priority. By continuing to deliver expert solutions via registered nurses under the careful oversight of board-certified physicians, the company hopes to provide a safe alternative to typical home treatment options and reduce the consumption of over-the-counter medication.

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