The Rebuild Hair Program Review Reveals Jared Gates Natural Baldness Remedy

Jared Gates has created a natural solution for baldness "Rebuild Hair Program" that people can use to get rid of hair loss and get a fuller, thicker stronger and healthier hair in as little as 3 weeks without any prescription drugs or expensive hair transplants.

Jared Gates, a former sufferer of baldness and Dr. Blount a medical expert, and research analyst have both created a natural baldness solution detailed inside a comprehensive digital e-book guide that is called the “rebuild hair program”. Their natural remedy program tackles male and female patterned hair loss at the root cause –eliminating 5AR and DHT steroids– and assures those interested in the program of successful hair re-growth in just 21 days.

Jared Gates' The Rebuild Hair Program is Available for Download here.

Jared Gates, a 57 year old man from St. Louis Missouri, says his 21-day revolutionary hair loss solution is a better alternative for permanently reversing the effects of both male and female rapid hair loss without any side-effects. The Rebuild Hair Program is said to reveal a simple but effective natural hair restoration method which can effectively eliminate two specific steroids in the human body discovered to cause rapid hair loss. These two hair loss causing steroids are: 5AR or 5-alpha-reductase and DHT or Dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone is called an "Androgen Steroid Hormone” found inside the body and is a by-product of the metabolism of testosterone. 5-alpha-reductase is an enzyme which is more or less the single cause of DHT production in the human body.

Dr. Blount explains that “...DHT is what is normally responsible for the growth of prostate cells. But, it (DHT) gets into a human’s hair follicles and basically kills them”, also hinting at the fact that a number of people with excess DHT stand a chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer if the production of the steroid is not controlled.

However, in a timely fashion, the Rebuild Hair Program helps to counteract the effects of the DHT clog with simple vitamins, minerals, vegetable and herbs that research has shown to naturally inhibit the body’s 5AR production and as such effectively eliminate DHT.

To find out more about the Hair Loss Protocol system, visit the Jared Gates and Dr. Blount’s rebuild hair program official website here.

People who are interested in Jared Gates and Dr. Blount’s rebuild hair program are assured of getting the a detailed and information packed in the Hair Loss Protocol program.

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