The Realisation of the Neko Inu Multiverse of Blockchain Games

The Realisation of the Neko Inu Multiverse of Blockchain Games

Rome was not built in a day and many roads lead to Rome. It is both a long and endearing journey that presented the Neko Inu Management with many difficult choices to make in order to fulfil the Vision of being the “Steam” platform for blockchain game distribution.

With the growth target of achieving 10,000 community members by end 2021, at the point of this article, the community size has already reached over 12,000 members. As the CEO Mr Chris Wallace has rightly said “It is time”; by focusing on community development and an overall consensus on “Play to Earn”, Neko Inu is now ready to establish the next set of milestones in the overall Roadmap.

Neko Inu Multiverse of Blockchain Games will be the Walmart of blockchain games, any game player will eventually be able to find something that suits his or her preference whether it is an action. Strategy, RPG or other game types. Blockchain game developers are now flocking to Neko Inu to discuss potential collaborations and the company has already tied down three such collaborations that are due to announce over the course of this quarter.

The first such collaboration came from the Developers of Crazy Bunny, the first community driven online gaming project that is managed by DAO. As a DAO or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, the community as a whole decides on the business and technological implementations of the project removing the need for a structured management committee. Mr Fahad from the Development Team of Crazy Bunny in a zoom call with the CMO of Neko Inu said in one comment “This is a situation of one plus one equals to three, whereby our focus on developing the best gaming experience thereby leaving the management decisions to DAO and now this collaboration with Neko Inu that focuses on distributing our game to their fast growing community, Crazy Bunny and our community members are super excited with the immerse potential this collaboration will unveil!”

Committing to a USDT 200,000 deposit for the Neko Inu licensing fees and an overall turnover of USDT 6 million for the first year of game operations, the Development Team of Crazy Bunny is extremely bullish on the continual growth of Crazy Bunny on Neko Inu Multiverse of Blockchain Games and are currently engaged with executing a combined marketing awareness plan with Neko Inu, starting with an Airdrop of $CBunny (the Native Token for the Crazy Bunny project) to the Neko Inu Community. On the other hand, the CEO of Neko Inu, Mr Chris Wallas and our Board of Shareholders are extremely gratified that time after time, the logic of the Neko Inu business ecosystem proves as a sound, proven concept as all these partnerships and the combined commitment in the turnover of the blockchain games running on the platform will eventually create demand and fuel the immerse growth in the value of the Neko Inu Character NFTs and Native Token.

Seizing this opportunity, on behalf of the Neko Inu management, the CEO, Mr Chris Wallace would like to congratulate all early adopters in the Neko Inu community as they will be the first to have assess to the Neko Inu Character NFTs, other such digital assets and Native Token that is going to skyrocket in price due to all the demand generated by this game developer business.

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