The Real Blend Reveals the Secret to Purchasing Quality Small Kitchen Appliances

The Real Blend outlines what to look for when shopping for appliances for the home.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average person spends anywhere from $23 to $49 per year on small electrical kitchen appliances. For those who aren't moving, the figure comes in at $23 while those living in homes built before 2004 spend an average of $36 per year. Consumers living in homes built 2004 or later spend the most and account for the $49 figure mentioned above.

"When the time comes to purchase a new kitchen appliance, such as a blender or juicer, many are shocked to see how much these appliances cost now, especially taking the above mentioned figures into account. For example, certain retailers sell the Vitamix 500 Professional blender for close to $600. Consumers, for this reason, want to make certain they are purchasing a quality item, one guaranteed to do the job and hold up over time, prior to spending this amount. The Real Blend strives to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to products such as this," Adam Smith, spokesperson for The Real Blend, explains.

When visiting The Real Blend, the first thing consumers see is a handy comparison chart of popular blenders. Using the chart, consumers find they can quickly narrow choices based on a wide range of criteria, including power, rating, and price. Once the list has been narrowed, consumers discover they can learn more about what to look for when purchasing a small kitchen appliance to ensure the appliance meets their needs.

"The Real Blend outlines what to look for when choosing a blender, focusing on items such as what foods the appliance will allow one to make and manufacturer customer service and support. Using the list of questions provided, consumers find they can narrow choices even further and find the model which is perfect for their unique needs," Smith continues.

In addition, the site highlights the benefits of owning a blender or juicer of this type, listing various foods which may be prepared using the device. As Smith points out, consumers often fail to appreciate the versatility of these machines, overlooking their ability to make everything from smoothies and milkshakes to soups and salad dressings. Once one grasps the full capabilities of these machines, the price doesn't seem so high.

Consumers recognize that one gets what he or she pays for with most items, and blenders are no exception. Although blenders made from Oster and Hamilton Beach come with a low selling price, quality tends to be lacking, and the unit must be replaced regularly as it fails. When one chooses a Blendtec or Vitamix product, however, they receive a seven year full warranty.

"The seven year warranty protects those making an investment in a blender as problems will be handled quickly if they do arise. In reality, most find the machines last the seven years and much longer. Some consumers state they have been using the same Vitamix or Blendtec machine for ten or 20 years with no problems! When it comes to one's health, one should never leave anything to chance. Purchase a quality blender and this will be the case. The amazing, healthy foods one can make go a long way to helping consumers lead a healthier life," Smith declares.

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