The Psychic Universe Launches To Provide World Wide Psychic Directory Online

The Psychic Universe has created a new website designed to provide a simple to use psychic directory for the entire world, helping people everywhere contact mediums for readings and more.

Finding guidance in uncertain times can be difficult. Often people don’t know where to look when considering their future. Mediumship has been around as long as human society has existed, and these mediums claim a level of clairvoyance that enables them to provide suggestion and guidance on matters of the future. Finding good mediums can be difficult however, as many who advertise themselves as such are simply charlatans. The Psychic Universe has been created to solve this problem, offering the first worldwide directory of psychic mediums, freely and instantly searchable online.

The website has been praised for its intuitiveness, with an introduction that outlines the reasons for its existence and the way in which users can interact with the database. The first regions to have psychics registered include Long Beach and Sylmar, but these are just the first of many regions that will be fleshed out as psychics register themselves.

To ensure users are protected, The Psychic Universe fully vets every psychic who attempts to register before promoting their details on the site. This means users can rest assured that they can search with confidence when looking for psychic readings.

A spokesperson for The Psychic Universe explained, “Our website is going to become the central hub for all things related to mediumship. We have created the site to provide an approved list of authentic psychics so that those looking for readings need look no further. The site is in its infancy right now but is already getting a loyal following, with new information is being added all the time. As such, individuals are recommended to bookmark the site and check back regularly to see if new listings have been added. We have plans to incorporate tarot card readers, energy workers and others into the fold as we expand. For now, we look forward to seeing users connecting with psychics, and more psychics registering themselves with our database.”

About The Psychic Universe: The Psychic Universe is an online resource center specializing in providing localized listings for psychic mediums. This allows users to find registered and recommended psychics near them for readings, interpretations and more. The website is frequently updated and psychics can quickly and easily list themselves to be discovered by potential users.

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