The Press Release Guru Reveals The Online Marketing Trifecta

Although little known to most online business entrepreneurs, there is a secret combination of media that will result in the highest search engine rankings.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, March 31, 2014, There is a reason why some online business firms are able to come-up in Search Results on the first page. That coveted first page position is sought after by everyone, while few succeed. Steve Stanley, a.k.a. The Press Release Guru, wants everyone to have an equal shot at that dream search engine position. People that combine the correct marketing tools have the best results, and it has been proven time and time again. Steve calls it "The Online Marketing Trifecta", and consists of 3 elements.

Press Release Distribution is the anchor element. The reason for this is simple, it works the quickest. A PR is a beautiful thing, it doesn't have to be "spun" in order for it to be submitted to multiple News Sites. Google recognizes bona fide News Sites as Authority Sites, and that translates to better page rankings. On the other hand, if the PR's are going to Free News Sites, Google will Penalize, as they are now recognizing Free News Sites as nothing more than Press Release Directories, and the PR's as PR Spam. So a word to the wise would be don't make a big mistake trying to save a buck and send to the Free Sites. Everyone starts with the free news sites, this is understood. But everyone also finds-out that they suck. They charge extra for live links, and extra for premium circulation. Guess what that means? It's not free anymore, is it.

Within hours of the PR being released, it will be published on a news site, and then it goes viral. In a few days, there will be hundreds and hundreds of links back to the website the PR is linked to. One client has over 19,000 links to their website after only about 9 PR's going out. People often ask about targeting different niches or geo areas. As far as targeting certain markets: You have to keep in mind that the Internet is Keyword Driven. This means that to Target certain interest groups, like Dieting, or certain Geographical areas, like Chicago, it is all a matter of using the correct Keywords in the correct places in the Press Release or Article.

The other two marketing elements are Articles and Videos. Article Marketing is not what it used to be. Not after Google issued several of their infamous updates. Articles are still good for SEO, but only if submitted and published by the High Page Rank Sites like: and, both are Page Rank 6. Just remember that each article must be unique. That means a different article for each different place it is going to be submitted to. Don't "spin" them. Google has an algorithm that identifies "spun" articles, and it will hurt the rankings.

Do a Video for YouTube. Guess who owns YouTube? That's right...Google. Be sure to include the URL and Keywords in the written description that is posted with each Video. Always try to have quality content, never copy or duplicate content, it can mean being penalized by the Almighty Google. Always test the links to make sure they are working. Do not "stuff" keywords into the PR's or Articles. Be reasonable with the amount of links used. Three live links in a PR is ok, otherwise the PR may be considered as a piece of Advertising, and that would be the kiss of death.

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