“The Practice Method” Hits #1 International Best Seller Sharing the Conscious Blueprint for Living

Theo Tilton, founder of TLT Mind Body, LLC, launches his book, “The Practice Method,” and hits international best seller on Amazon. The book reveals how people can use their personal power to intentionally create lives they love living.

Theo Tilton, Transformational-Mindset Coach, reveals his hidden secret blueprint to empower readers to live a life they love living in his book, “The Practice Method: 30-Day Blueprint for Living Your Extraordinary Life.” He wrote the book to help others create their own personal transformation. The book launched on November 16, 2021 and immediately became a number one best seller.

According to Tilton, “We live in an expanding universe; it is our nature to be expansive too and constantly grow. When we embrace our own growth and expansion, life becomes filled with unforeseen amazement.”

Tilton wanted his book to encourage readers to transform their results in life from ordinary to extraordinary so he created a step-by-step process for exactly that. As a coach, Tilton helps people to live their dreams in the face of any limiting belief or fear by using his blueprint for success. Most people do not know they are operating in their own lives by default. This new book intends to expose this default nature and use this blueprint in a conscious way, which can deliver massive results with velocity.

Tilton believes that everyone has a dream within them that wants to be lived and created even if they do not know what that dream is yet. "The PRACTICE Method" helps pull this dream forward into the reader’s mind and into reality. They can then experience freedom beyond the boundaries of ordinary, conventional thinking.

“Uniquely introspective, Theo has a way to bring each element of ‘The PRACTICE Method’ into our own daily life. Enlightening, entertaining, and thoughtfully instructive." - Yocari L.

"The Practice Method is not only a blueprint to live an Extraordinary life but also a method for Self-Discovery and Ownership of our Authentic Self!" - Luis S.

“Before The PRACTICE Method, I felt like a sailboat stranded in the middle of the ocean. This book was that wind that propelled me forward and set me on the right course to fulfill my goals and enhance my personal development.” - Juan Diego S.

TLT Mind Body, LLC was founded in 2011. Theo Tilton founded his business on the idea that, "When we create structures for our dreams to exist in reality, our dreams become reality.” He imagined a world where people live a life they love living, a world where everyone lives in harmony with the planet, has nutritious food and clean water, and is healthy and fit. People can create loving and connected families, communities, and relationships. They live abundantly, doing what they love for work, are of service to others, and are well-compensated.

Tilton is a member of the LGBT community as a 50 years young gay man and is a proud gay entrepreneur, author, speaker, transformational-mindset coach.

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