The power is in your hands: PXN leads global sales of gaming peripherals

PXN provides a wide range of devices to meet the ever-evolving needs of players.

PXN is well-known as a leader in manufacturing the hardware that millions of people use to interact with their favorite console games.

The company (full name Shenzhen PXN Electronic Technology) was founded by Chen Zhaoyu in 2004 as a gaming products manufacturer. Since then, the product range has expanded to everything a gamer needs across all major gaming platforms, using all kinds of connections including wired, Bluetooth, MFI, and iOS and Android devices.

The P in PXN stands for Power, symbolizing the endless energy of gameplayers worldwide. The X represents the unknown number, symbolizing the pursuit of ultimate perfection. The N stands for next-generation, reflecting an unending pursuit of excellence from now into the future.

PXN provides peripherals for the “eighth generation of video game consoles”. Gaming steering wheels and now make up a large part of the company’s product line. There is also a range of gamepads for various platforms, controllers, earbuds, arcade sticks, gaming keyboards and headsets and, of course, joysticks.

PXN also prides itself on making devices that are compatible with a wide range of devices, with steering wheel rigs that are compatible with both PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems) and consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Nintendo Switch). This cross-platform compatibility is a rarity that gamers appreciate.

Earbuds by PXN are designed to optimise the gaming experience and keep gamers immersed in the game-world, with low latency and high fidelity synchronisation of sound. The earbuds also feature noise cancellation, allowing for effective collaboration with fellow players.

PXN also turns mobile phones (both iOS and Android) into game controllers with popular gamepads including the P30-Pro.

Among gamers and influencers worldwide PXN has a reputation for value for money, with PXN peripherals packing in the features for relatively low prices.

PXN hardware is ideal for beginning gamers, with some reviewers strongly recommending PXN gear for children who want a full immersion experience.

PXN’s research and development is headquartered in the global hub of hardware innovation, Shenzhen, and manufacturing located nearby in Dongguan city. PXN has a strong supply chain, with access to and control over the entire product development process, from ID design, mold building, injection molding and SMT assembly right through to the complete industrial chain.

Being a global manufacturer, PXN crafts its products to the highest international standards including ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS and REACH.

PXN has more than 20 patents and software copyrights across PC, game console and mobile terminals, to meet the ever-evolving needs of players.

The philosophy of PXN is “Soulmate to gamers”. The constantly expanding product range is testament to this commitment to and empathy for their clients. PXN’s world begins and ends with the end consumer, the gamer who loves to immerse themselves in the experience of the game. Whatever is needed – from sound via headset to sensations delivered via steering wheel – PXN will create, and keep on creating, as technology continues to evolve towards the ultimate gaming experience.

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