The Poor and Unattractive Are Eliminated by A Special Algorithm Automatically from MillionaireMatch

This app is only for rich or attractive singles.

MillionaireMatch’s owner has revealed details about their site’s algorithm that automatically hunts down and sift out profiles with low response rate.

“MillionaireMatch is a millionaire dating site created for the millionaires or attractive singles, and not for the low-income individuals,” Steve Kasper, spokesperson,, said in an interview. “The purpose of this platform is to provide rich or attractive singles a blissful environment where real rich singles can date other people from the same social status. With this dating platform, MM’s target is to make it available only to those singles who qualify as ‘rich or attractive’.

To join the site, people need to be a single, either attractive or a millionaire. The MillionaireMatch’s algorithm is the modern-day rendition of centuries-old principle “survival of the fittest” where profiles with poor response from other users are simply wiped out.

“Our focus is to provide one-of-a-kind platform to our millionaire users who want to date other attractive singles. If someone doesn’t qualify for our aforementioned criteria, then they are sifted out .” Steve said.

While the dating site may seem to offend the poor or unattractive, MillionaireMatch has no guilt in saying that their site is not for the people with empty pockets. “It’s not for those who work at 7/11 for the entire day and sign into their dating app at the end the day of the day to find some quick and free sex; they already have Tinder for that so why to bother with getting a new membership”, Steve added.

Steve also believes that MM users with low-response rates on their profiles are usually non-millionaires and have no attractive photos. “Millionairematch doesn’t want liars on our site as they believe that it’s quite of condescending for the hard working individuals. It’s, in fact, a deception and they can’t allow it on their site in any form”.

Joining MillionaireMatch is easy, but to say there is the real deal. Users are continuously scrutinized through their financial statements and those who sign up as “attractive singles” need to get a lot right swipes to say within the good books of site’s algorithm. MillionaireMatch is one way to tell people why they should either be rich or attractive to experience all the amenities of this world.

“Many people are going to hate us for what MillioaireMatch is doing, but MillionaireMatch knows that their loyal users are probably thanking MM right now for providing them a dating site that’s not a brothel.”

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