The Perfect Business Exit Strategy(TM) Revolutionizes The Sale Of Small Businesses

The Perfect Business Exit Strategy™ is a streamlined process that allows business owners to sell quickly and receive tax-free sale proceeds*, tax-free monthly income for life*, and tax-free inheritance for their heirs.

San Antonio, United States / The traditional method of selling a business via a business broker is typically expensive, lengthy, risky, and extremely unpleasant for the owners selling their business. Not only that but 87% of the businesses that are listed for sale never even sell at all. Most of those that do sell fail shortly thereafter or the sellers receive so little proceeds that their retirement is downsized or short-lived.

In response to these shocking statistics, Delta Business Services created “The Perfect Business Exit Strategy™“, a stress-free sales process allowing successful business owners to retire quickly and with peace of mind instead of worrying if their proceeds will be enough to sustain their lifestyle and live an active retirement.

In addition to a streamlined process that allows owners to sell quickly, Delta works with the client’s tax advisor to structure a sound tax strategy for the sale that allows the seller to receive tax-free sale proceeds*, tax-free monthly income for life*, and tax-free inheritance for their heirs. Their revolutionary business exit strategy is being heralded by business owners and industry experts such as venture capitalists, accountants, and tax specialists.

Business owners no longer have to sell and lose a significant portion of their net worth to high broker commissions and professional fees, high taxes on the sale proceeds, and hidden fees. The Delta Perfect Business Exit Strategy™ allows business owners to sell and keep 100% of their net worth intact.

Delta has a top notch leadership team lead by Founder, Chairman, and CEO Heath Frantzen. “Our mission is to provide a comprehensive exit strategy that is pain and worry-free, with a common sense, personal approach. We examine the big picture of a seller’s needs and design a customized deal structure that addresses the critical areas of a sound business exit: competent management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and asset protection planning.” says Frantzen.

*Suggested resource: How To Pay Zero Taxes, by Jeff Schnepper.

About Delta Business Services:
Delta Business Services is a small business acquisitions firm that has positioned itself as the preferred buyer from retiring owners who see the exit process as painful. Delta buys businesses, giving security and peace of mind to retiring business owners who want to successfully sell their business and receive guaranteed income for life, while creating generational wealth for their family. Visit the company website to receive the free report “How To Sell Your Business, Get Cash-Flow For Life, and Pay Zero Taxes”.

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