The Pee Mart Offers an Alternative to Chemical Animal Repellents

Natural animal repellents continue to be effective and come with no negative effects reports The Pee Mart.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollutants pose more of a risk to human health than outdoor pollutants and yet many people never stop to think what they carry into the home on their shoes. The U.S. EPA declares indoor air pollution to be one of the top four environmental health risks in the country. "If you are using chemical animal repellents around your home, you are likely tracking these chemicals into the home and could be exposing your children and pets to chemicals you wouldn't allow them around anywhere else. Now is the time to make the switch to natural animal repellents, such as those offered by The Pee Mart," Skip of The Pee Mart declares.

Homeowners continue to learn the risks of chemical repellents to their health, including an increased risk of cancer, reproductive problems and nervous system disorders. The Pesticides Literature Review goes on to state that Parkinson's disease, lymphoma, childhood leukemia and more appear in higher numbers in those with ample exposure to chemical pesticides, including animal repellents. "The Pee Mart offers organic predator pee, nature's original animal repellent. These natural repellents work as effectively as their chemical counterparts and yet don't increase the risk of negative side effects," Skip explains.

Furthermore, chemical repellents harm the environment as they tend to linger in the air, the ground and waterways for years after use. " If you have been using chemical animal repellents in your yard for a few years, imagine how much has built up during this time period. Every time you enter your home, you are carrying the remnants of these repellents on your shoes, a form of pesticide transfer. Chemical pesticide use leads to collateral damage in many other ways also, ways often unsuspected by the average person. Natural animal repellents, such as fox urine, don't come with these risks so every person should consider making the switch to an organic alternative," Skip continues.

Over time, repellent damage diminishes when the switch is made to natural animal repellents, including bear and wolf urine. "Pesticide residues occur in one-third of all food consumed, including peaches, potatoes and salmon. Parents would never intentionally feed their children contaminated food and yet do so regularly without knowing they are doing so. As more people and companies move to natural animal repellents, this becomes less of an issue. Do the same in and around your own home by protecting your home and garden with natural repellents. We offer many types to choose from so you can repel any predator causing issues in your life," Skip exclaims.

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The Pee Mart continues to be the best discount online source for 100% real predator pee and animal urine, nature's original animal repellent. Offering free shipping on all orders to the United States and Canada, The Pee Mart serves homeowners, farmers, golf courses, trappers and more.

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