The Paleo List Provides Approved Foods

The Paleo List provides suggestions to help dieters following Paleo with the best food choices. Dieters can learn which foods are Paleo and which are not.

The Paleo List website is designed to quickly answer questions about the foods which are considered Paleo-approved and which should be avoided. There are some principles which are incorporated into the menu planning, but for many dieters, a quick reference to learn “Is quinoa Paleo” or “Is rice Paleo” is very helpful. The answers to such questions and others such as “Is corn Paleo”, help dieters avoid major errors in planning appropriate menus.

The Paleo diet is considered to be the healthiest available. The food choices are based on biology, biochemistry and dermatology and helps dieters to stay lean and strong. Most of the dietary choices of people today are made up of sugar, fat and preservatives. These food choices lead to obesity and other health problems. The Paleo experience returns to the human ancestry as hunters and gatherers, in order to make smart food choices.

With this principle as a foundation, questions such as “Are potatoes Paleo” and “Are sweet potatoes Paleo” may still be troublesome. Checking out the information on The Paleo List provides definitive answers. Dieters may learn the answer to the questions “Is oatmeal Paleo” and “Is hummus Paleo” by accessing the website. Questions about beverages, i.e., “Is coffee Paleo” and “Is almond milk Paleo” are answered accurately.

The list of approved foods can be used for shopping and for meal planning. Rather than explaining to a dieter what foods should not be consumed, the focus can be on foods which are appropriate and will help to improve the level of health for dieters.

The website also provides additional materials for reference and understanding. Educational books and recipes are used to create dozens of menu choices. Healthy benefits which accrue from following the Paleo principles are explained in simple and easy-to-understand language. The website achieves its goal of becoming a thorough reference site for all things Paleo.

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