The Original HCG Drops Launches Education Campaign for Safe and Effective Use of HCG

Dispelling common myths surrounding hCG can help Americans effectively combat the gowing obesity epidemic, publishes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently place the cost of weight-related medical care for the United States at an estimated $150 billion annually. This news comes in the wake of a growing obesity epidemic numbering 79 million adults and counting. With the skyrocketing number of weight loss product manufacturers hoping to capitalize on these developments, Americans' trust in potentially helpful supplements to combat these statistics is rapidly waning.

Among the most effective tools in the battle against obesity is a hormone produced naturally by the human body during pregnancy. Known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, this substance has long been approved by the FDA for treatment of infertility issues in both men and women. Initially, the weight loss caused by hCG was discovered as a side effect during fertility treatments, prompting scientists to further investigate this aspect of its use. The ensuing findings in this respect soon led to an onslaught of misinformation regarding hCG.

With this in mind, Aiden Jones of The Original HCG Drops has launched a campaign to educate the public on the proper use of hCG. Jones explained, "HCG has certainly proven itself safe and effective in the weight loss context, but as is the case with all supplements and programs, certain guidelines must be followed. This is not a magic cure for obesity as some rumor it to be, and as was expected, plenty of counterfeit products hit the market following the release of its benefits among the weight loss industry. The public needs to know the truth about hCG."

One of the most common misconceptions is that hCG is a standalone weight loss solution. While consumers can expect to lose up to one pound per day through the use of hCG, a stringent diet must be followed in conjunction with the supplement. The diet strictly limits the types of foods a user consumes and comes with a daily caloric restriction of no more than 500 calories. While a decrease in calories of this magnitude would otherwise trigger the body to enter starvation mode in an effort to conserve energy, hCG functions by staving off this reaction.

Another misunderstanding surrounding hCG pertains to the variety of supplements available. The homeopathic drops and pills found on store shelves contain virtually no measurable amounts of the hormone, rendering these supplements ineffective. True hCG can only be obtained through a prescription.

The decision of whether to prescribe HCG Drops or Injections is based largely on the patient's budget and tolerance to needles on a daily basis; however, both prescription grade forms of the supplement are effective. Injections are given intra-muscularly, meaning they are effective in lower doses than drops. Sub-lingual drops must contain a higher concentration of hCG in order to be equally effective.

Concluded Jones, "Purchasing over-the-counter supplements typically leaves consumers disappointed due to their lack of actual hCG. At the same time, incorporating prescription forms of the hormone without adhering to the accompanying diet plan can actually lead to increased weight gain. In order to effectively lose weight, patients must be sure they're receiving genuine hCG supplements, and they must be willing to greatly reduce their caloric consumption. I encourage anyone interested in weight loss through the use of hCG to visit the The Original HCG Drops website for more information."

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