The Office of CEO: Launches the CEO’s Secret Weapon Playbook!

Office of CEO founder, releases specialized playbook to C-Level executives around the nation.

Mr. James Kemp has launched his own consulting firm by the name of “The Office of the CEO,” commonly known as the “The OCEO.” His third-party consultancy firm provides services designed to enhance operational execution for Chief Executive Officers.

James has hired, mentored, and promoted high-performing global teams that drove customer success, that represent both CEO and GM positions with global investors and stakeholders, across decades of experience. The “OCEO,” has built systems that enabled the execution of strategic, operations, and quarterly plans through cross-collaborations.

Kemp has enabled the creation of the model initially for Adobe’s CEO, to drive cross-functional alignment around key strategic initiatives. His leadership was most evident in mobilizing teams to support the process of integrating and monitoring the performance of acquired businesses, while maintaining a clear focus on motivating teams involved to achieve the best possible outcome.

The methodology works solely on key performance metrics, which are reflected through digital dashboards, reports, and cost analysis. The platform allows executives to consolidate reported data to both interpret and develop fact-based strategies, that work.

"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates," said Mr. Kemp.

Every successful CEO needs a supporting team. James explains, “internal staffs can take many forms and will change over time as the business grows.” Many organizations have a backend staff that will include an Executive Assistant, Public Relations Representatives and Human Resource Specialist. The next hierarchy will include a leadership team whose members are responsible for strategy, product, marketing, sales, and customer success. Finally, a Chief of Staff and business operations leader can have a transformative impact on the success of a CEO and their business growth. The supporting staff members of the CEO, manage the business, so that the CEO can build the business.

Kemp’s consultancy firm allows companies to enjoy all the perks without having to carry steep payroll cost. The “OCEO” model provides a powerful collection of proven strategies, techniques, tools, designed to enhance operational execution.

Through our interview, Kemp mentions, that his normal clientele ranges from large corporate entities to mid-tier and startups companies. He also mentioned “the “OCEO model,” is ideally suited for venture capital firms that have invested in businesses that need a steady hand on the rudder.”

The “OCEO methodology,” is visible to every management layer. The platform is designed to execute strategic plans that have achieved over 1000% growth over 10 years of integration. The model has overseen operational plans ranging between $300M to $2.5B and executed 500+ global plans, that achieved up to 150% annual revenue growth.

The “OCEO” allows companies to tap into 25+ years of extensive strategic and tactical experience in operations, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisition, Business Development and Product Marketing.

James provides a free consultation where prospect companies can assess whether a business is a good fit for their services. The firm looks forward to exploring new horizons and taking new businesses to the next level.

For more information, please visit or to schedule a one on one meeting.

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