The Newest Paleo Diet Recipes Unveiled in Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Recipe Book is a new paleo cookbook released by Sebastien Noel that contains over 350 recipes covering 18 different food categories to prepare easy and healthy meals.

Making weekly meal plans can be quite time consuming and exhausting. Testing new recipes is almost always hassle as well and at some point people end up with no ideas on what to cook and where to find info about it. The solution might sound simple – buy a cookbook. However, finding the right one, containing meals that are health and at the same time delicious is never easy.

Often cookbooks are separated into 2 main groups healthy and traditional. People quite often think that healthy food tastes very bad, is expensive and is pretty hard to prepare. The perfect cookbook should contain meals that are healthy and at the same time delicious.

This new book contains Paleo diet recipes, around 370 to be exact and all of these allow anyone to prepare easy and healthy meals. All the recipes included in the book are friendly to the Paleolithic diet and those who are following the diet regimen.That regimen follows a strict diet that is meant to strike out preservatives, artificial flavoring, sugar and dairy from one's diet, providing a more natural way of eating with less artificial ingredients.

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This diet has reached rock star level with celebrities and conscious eaters a like taking to the Paleo diet. Author Sebastien Noel wanted to create a recipe book that included recipes to make the transition and the dedication to the Paleo diet that much more palatable.

The new paleo cookbook is a compilation of recipes selected by Paleo Leap, a community made of up Paleo diet observers. This book has been years in the making, as the recipes continued to be shared across the community as well as new ones added time after time. As the recipes started to pile up, they decided it was time to create a book to share to all.

There are over 18 different food categories, with 370 different recipes to choose from covering dishes that include pork, chicken, fish and red meat. All different types of stews, stir fry, breakfast, quick lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert recipes can be found inside this book. Over 400 pages of recipes with images give great detail on each recipe to follow instructions quick and easy.

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The books goal was to reach a wider audience and share the community's recipes to the rest of the world. Included in the book are:

Paleo Food List - A list of all the foods that are Paleo friendly; a great resource to go grocery shopping with to make sure all foods fit the Paleo standards.

Good Fats Guide - This is a guide that helps differentiate the difference between good fats and which ones to avoid. This helps in deciding the best type of cooking oil to use when following recipes.

Cooking Time Charts - This time chart is created for the beginning cook. It is a helpful tool to learn the cooking times of different types of meats and vegetables.

Where to Find Food Online - If the grocery proves to consume too much time, then this handy guide will direct Paleo followers to online stores to purchase their ingredients. This can also prove to be important when a local grocery doesn't have a specific ingredient in stock.

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