The New Strategy of BOC Sciences’ Inhibitor Products

BOC Sciences made some strategy changes to its inhibitor products' variety and online presentation.

BOC Sciences has been working on supplying high quality chemicals for over 11 years. Right from its beginning, inhibitor products are provided. And in recent years, with its significance more emphasized in various diseases treatment, the related researches on its performance on these conditions in molecular level are getting increasing. With the trend, BOC Sciences featured its inhibitors products and put much effort in optimizing the varieties, as well as the

The job for grouping the inhibitors in accordance with their medical characters are undergoing. And now two categories are successfully presented, which are immune checkpoint inhibitors and hsp90 inhibitors. More categories are being prepared to be listed. Till then better browsing experiences and information checking experience will be brought. Other types of chemicals like APIs, impurities, GMPs will be also groped in this way.

As mentioned above, inhibitors are getting increasingly needed in the field for wider and deeper pharmaceutical applications, more inhibitors are being introduced while enrich their reference information. Montelukast sodium, a leukotriene receptor antagonist (LTRA) used for the maintenance treatment of asthma, is added as one of the featured inhibitors products and will probably categorized according to the disease they are for.

Dasatinib, also known as BMS-354825, is an orally bioavailable synthetic small molecule-inhibitor of SRC-family protein-tyrosine kinases, is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, and this kind of inhibitors will be listed independently on the site soon.

Another great improvement for the inhibitors that are grouped is that they are all be attached with detailed information and highly relevant reference papers or articles, providing knowledge while supply the products. That’s one of the advancement the company made to be a more comprehensive chemical supplier.

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