The New Product That Offers Instant Relief From Gout and Chronic Pain

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A new topical treatment has been released to treat gout and its many symptoms, offering an alternative to traditional pain medications.

Around 8.3 million people in the US have gout, making it a considerable health problem for a large portion of the population. Despite being a condition that's been around for a long time, gout treatments are few and far between. However, a new product has hit the market that's looking to change things for good. Arctic Blast is a topical treatment offering concentrated oil drops that can be applied directly to the affected areas. It provides near-instant pain relief from gout, without the need for traditional anti-inflammatory medications.

All-Natural Ingredients, No Added Chemicals
Most cases of gout are treated in the same way. When a flare-up occurs, prescription pain medication is used to control the symptoms until it passes. This is a somewhat effective method that will help relieve pain, but it isn't ideal. The prescription medication causes many side effects, not to mention it could potentially be addictive. This is where Arctic Blast is so different as it removes the worry for any side effects.

The product itself is composed of natural ingredients that are blended together to support the body's natural pain relief response system. No added chemicals or additives are thrown in the mix, it's all a combination of natural products. Some of the ingredients included are aloe vera gel, emu oil, camphor oil, wintergreen oil, menthol, and arnica Montana flower. All of these things possess a combination of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that help to treat the common symptoms of gout.

Pain Relief Straight To The Source
When taking any pain medication, the major problem is that it takes a while for the medication to enter the system and be absorbed. Again, the fascinating thing about Arctic Blast is that it bypasses this completely. As a topical treatment, it can be applied directly to the painful area.

Furthermore, it contains a secret ingredient called DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) that helps it work incredibly fast. DMSO is a by-product of wood pulp, but lots of research has discovered that it can penetrate the skin to its deepest layers without damaging it. Having this in the product, allows the oil to go deep into the skin and straight to the muscles and joints. Therefore, it can work quickly by targeting the source of the pain right away.

Arctic Blast is an innovative product that's hoping to shake up the health industry by providing natural treatment for gout and chronic pain. It's available nationwide and provides no side effects.

About Arctic Blast
Arctic Blast is an American-made natural pain relief product composed entirely of natural ingredients. It comes in an oil-based form and can be applied directly to the skin for instant relief from gout or chronic pain. The product aims to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation, leading to a reduction in muscle cramping and spasms.

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