The Most Impactful New Book Series is About to Launch on International Women Day

24 best-selling authors gathered to compile a book similar to Chicken Soup for Soul.

The Gift of the Universe, a compilation of 24 Women Leaders of their home, business, church, and the community will have its launching on March 8, 2021, which happens to be International Women’s Day. The authors have found their voice and have made a difference because they saw a need to make changes in others’ lives. For them, it is not who they are or what they do in life, but it is how they will be remembered that counts.

“Books create abundance for both readers and authors,” said Snehal R. Singh, co-publisher, bestselling author, and abundance strategist. “This will be a series similar to Chicken soup for Soul,” she added. The book itself is unique since it includes a QR code that will link to a video from the authors in their chapters. The combination of the publishing companies, their representatives, and their collective experiences will make the book a message worth sharing with everyone.

The Gift of the Universe book series is brought by The Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Publishing Center Inc. and Mind Spirit Works Publishing. It has only 24 authors per publication that will all become international bestsellers.

“We have all been put on this planet for a reason and a purpose. Sometimes, we find that reason through the love or affection of a certain art or talent, and sometimes our purpose is defined by our passion for making a difference in people’s lives. At one point in time, we decide to make that mission and purpose timeless and to leave our message as a legacy for generations to come,” this is what this book series is all about.

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About “The Gift of the Universe”:
The co-publishers are Natalie McQueen, Orly Amor, and Snehal Singh from independent publishing companies coming together in the spirit of collaboration.

Natalie McQueen, is GMCP’s Book Publishing and Marketing Expert, Founder of Gifts of Legacy, International Bestselling Author, the Create Your Legacy Speaker and Coach. She has a background in finance, marketing, and sales and is a Certified Mindset Mastery Coach from the Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Publishing Center Inc.

Orly Amor is the Founder and CEO of GMCP, the Global Mentoring, Coaching & Publishing Center Inc., and has dedicated her life to impacting the lives of 200,000,000 people by helping them realize their own mission-based goals and dreams. Her extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst, International Public Speaker, and Bestselling Author she is also a Business Coach for Public Speakers which has made her an indispensable coach to many influential corporate leaders and speakers.

Snehal R, Singh is an eight-time Best Selling Author, Founder, and Publisher of Mind Spirit Works, Abundance Strategist, and International Speaker. She intends to inspire and help as many writers and authors to get their books out and published.

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